When Should I Worry About My Furnace Making Noise & Call for Heating Repairs in Las Vegas, NV?

When your heat kicks on, you will more than likely know it because there is air roaring out of the vents in your home. You will more than likely be able to hear the furnace humming away in the mechanical room of your home as well. However, if your furnace turns on and you all of a sudden hear a noise that your aren’t familiar with, it is a sign that there is something amiss with your heating system. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to talk about some of the sounds that you never want to hear coming from your furnace.

What Does a Bad Furnace Sound Like?

If you hear noises that aren’t normal coming from your furnace, it is something that you need to have checked out. Strange noises usually mean problems, and those problems will only get worse if you don’t fix them. Here are some noises that you should be listening for that could mean there is something wrong with your furnace.
– Hissing: You shouldn’t hear any hissing noises coming from your mechanical room or the vents in your home. If you do, there is a problem you need to have fixed. It could be a refrigerant line if you have a heat pump in your home. If you have a furnace, it could be a gas leak that could pose a danger to anyone in the home. Either of these problems need to be dealt with as soon as possible, especially the gas leak.
– Rattling: If you hear something that sounds like it is shaking around in your furnace like a rattle, there is probably a part in your furnace that has come loose and needs to be fixed. It could also be a part that has broken off and is rattling around in there. An HVAC tech can look at the problem and let you know exactly what is going on.
– Shrieking: This problem is usually something that happens when there is metal on metal that is grinding together. It can also mean that you have a belt that needs to be replaced as well.
– Booming: Loud booming noises coming from your furnace are never normal. It can often be a sign that the unit in your home is not the right size and there is undue stress on it. It could also be an indicator of a delayed ignition that is dangerous and needs to be fixed right away.
– Silence: If you hear nothing, you know that your furnace isn’t working at all. This isn’t something that you want to hear when you have your heat turned on and are feeling chilly in your home.

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If you are having issues with your furnace and it is making strange noises, you can turn to Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning to get to the bottom of the problem. Call us today!