When Should I Worry About My Furnace Making a Screeching or Other Loud Noise in Summerlin North, NV?

When a furnace starts a heating cycle, you may hear a slight humming coming from the heating system. It is normal to hear the furnace and its blower cycling the warm air throughout the home. However, there are some noises that you will never want to hear such as screeching, clanking, rattling and banging. What may be surprising to some is that each noise often points to a particular problem. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share what these noises mean and what you should do when you hear them.

What Does a Bad Furnace Motor & Other Heating Problem Sound Like?

Furnace Screeching – A screeching noise is very bad and often has to do with your furnace’s blower. When the blower develops a problem and it attempts to run during a heating cycle, the blower or its motor will begin to make a loud screeching noise. If the blower motor is screeching, it may simply need to be cleaned and lubricated. However, screeching can also indicate a more severe problem. When you furnace is making a screeching noise it is best to turn off the heat and contact an HVAC service to inspect the blower.
Clanking Furnace – When you hear a clanking noise like metal is hitting metal, the blower motor may have come loose or is broken off. A clanking noise is not good as the loose piece can cause more damage to the inside of the blower. To prevent further damages to your furnace’s blower, the best thing to do is to turn off the furnace and seek professional assistance right away.
Furnace Banging – A loud bang or something close to a booming like noise is a sign the furnace’s burners are dirty. The burner can develop corrosion and become very dirty to the point the burners will begin making a booming noise when a heating cycle starts. You will want to stop using the furnace and clean the burner. If you do not feel up to the task, contact a professional HVAC service to inspect the system and have the burner cleaned.
Rattling Furnace – A rattling noise, depending on where the noise is coming from, can point to couple of different problems. For example, if the rattling sounds like it is coming from inside the air ducts, this is a classic sign your air ducts have split and is leaking air. To ensure energy efficiency and a more comfortable home, you will want to have the air ducts inspected and repaired if you hear them rattling. However, rattling that is coming from the furnace is a very bad thing. Rattling from inside the furnace often means the heat exchanger has cracked. This is a potentially lethal situation as a cracked heat exchangers produce carbon monoxide gas that is toxic to humans and animals. If the furnace is rattling turn it off quickly and ventilate the area where the furnace is located. Contact an HVAC service to inspect the heat exchanger and see to the necessary repairs.

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