When Should I Get My Heater Repaired in Spring Valley, NV? House is Cold Even with Furnace On & More

You are coming home from work and so glad to come home to a warm house. When you walk inside your home you notice that your house is not warm like it should be. The temperature you set it at is a lot warmer than what your house feels. Something is going on with your heater. So what is it and what do you do? Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning wants to tell you about a few things that would indicate you should call for a heating repair.

Why is My House So Cold Even with the Heating On?

Do you feel like your air just isn’t getting your house warm enough? Maybe it is blowing air and it feels warm but just isn’t blowing it warm enough to reach the set temperature. This could be happening for a number of reasons. Check your filters and make sure they are changed and clean, dirty air filters can cause this problem. Also make sure your thermostat is on heat, not on cool. If you have checked both of those and it is still not working then you need to call someone to come check it out.

Hot & Cold Spots in House

Have you noticed hot and cold spots in your home? It could be caused by the balancing of your airflow being off and needs to be adjusted to make it even throughout the house. If you are noticing hot and cold spots don’t close vents. Keep all vents open at all times. Closing vents can cause balancing problems. Often people start to notice rooms are getting hot and cold spots in the rooms that are furthest away in the house. Calling for a repair can help balance your heat ensuring all rooms get an equal amount of heat.

Why is My Heat Bill So High?
Are you sick of having high heating bills? It could be because your heater needs repair. Something could be off and it is working too hard to get your house warm. This can make your bill higher than it needs to be. Call a professional to come to check out your heater and see if there is something wrong that could be making your bill too high.

Odd Smell or Loud Sounds from Furnace

If you are hearing a strange noise that you have never heard, then something could be wrong with your heater. Something could have broken or gotten worn out and will need a professional to come to take a look at it. If you are all of a sudden smelling gas or a rotten egg smell call a professional immediately. You could be leaking gas throughout your house.

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If something is going on with your furnace, call Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning to come and take a look. We know what we are doing and looking for and we can help ensure your heater is running as it should be.