When Should Ductwork Be Replaced in Eldorado, NV? Loud AC Noises, Cold & Hot Spots in Home & More

One of the essential elements to your home is the airducts to your HVAC system. The overall efficiency, cost, and air quality of the heating and cooling is impacted by the ducts. Air is circulated and dispersed in various rooms of the home through the duct work. The whole Central Air System suffers when the airducts are not connected well and proper airflow is insufficient. When they are culprit, the airducts are the last to be considered for issue often when the heating or cooling lacks. In addition to other discomforts, poor installation or design could be the source of a lot of hot or cool spots in a home. When your airducts should be replaced or modified there are signs that can give you an idea. These signs are what we at Air Supply Air Conditioning & Heating would like to share today.

How Do You Know if Ductwork is Bad?

Keep in mind, your airduct system’s life expectancy is about 20 years, so if they are 20 years old, they are likely going to need replacement. Also, should be replaced or modified to rectify the problem and if your airducts are experiencing any of the following issues.
1) Unusual Noises. Hearing any shaking, rattling, or other strange sounds from the air ducts is a clear sign of damaged or dirty ductwork. Generally, when ductwork is loose and not secured well enough, it makes noise like clamoring or rattling. Whistling sounds are made by airducts that are leaking from holes or other means from the air passing over. Any of these sounds indicate the ducts need major cleaning, sealing, repairing, or replacing.
2) Cold & Hot Spots. Ducts that are improperly sized will often cause uneven temperatures where places in the home feel hot or cold, or similar airflow unbalancing such as supply/return flow, leaks, or obstructions.
3) Tangled, Damaged, or Kinked Ducts. The air ducts can wear down and sustain damage over time. On occasion, flexible ductwork section can even be ripped or torn. The ductwork is also subject to damage if anything falls, or weight is placed on it. If the duct work is bent, tangled or other damage call in a professional.
4) Static Pressure and Low Airflow. Providing you have an airflow problem in your house, the supply or return side of the system may require modification. More often than not, a new HVAC system doesn’t fit perfectly with the existing ductwork system. Adding vents, switching different filters, or replacing plenums and grilles with larger (or smaller) ones and other such modifications are sometimes necessary. The right solution for static pressure and air flow problems making some adjustments to the existing duct system.
5) Faulty Installation. If it was improperly installed, your duct system was improperly sized as well. The HVAC system and air ducts will function appropriately with the right sized system and with it efficiently installed, otherwise you will consistently have problems. If it is not properly sized and you will see higher energy bill in addition to shorter lifespans of your system, the ductwork will not permit proper airflow.

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