When Running Your Central Air Conditioning System, Should the Fan Be Set to Auto or On in Summerlin, NV?

When it comes to your air conditioning unit there are lots of aspects that have to work together to make sure that your home is cooled down properly. The temperature of your home is an important part of your comfort level. When you look at your thermostat you can create a setting that works best for you. Most people have a temperature they like to keep their home at during the summer and other seasons as well. The temperature is really only one part of what you need to worry about. You also want to make sure you know what the other settings are and what the can be doing. The temperature setting will tell your unit when the house is not at the temperature and have the unit switch on to get to work. When the house reaches that temperature, your unit will shut off until it is needed again. One setting that you want to learn more about is the fan setting. The fan is a part of the unit that plays an important role. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning outlines what you need to know about the fan in your AC unit.

How Does the Fan Setting Work?

There is more than one fan that is a part of your air conditioning unit. The main fan is connected to the to the air handler that is on the inside of the house. The fan is often in the attic or crawl space of your house. The job of the fan is to make sure that when it is running it is pulling the warm air from the house and sending it so that it can be moved through the condenser. The condenser will make sure that the warm air is out of the house and then cooler air is able to move in the house. The fan is not creating any cold air at all but it is circulating the air in the house. You want to make sure that your fan is working well so that the warm air is able to be moved out. The air needs to continue to be moved so that the air can become balanced.

What is the On or Auto Mode on My Air Conditioner Thermostat?

When you look at your thermostat there is a setting that you can use for the fan specifically. The fan can be set to auto or it can be set to on. These each have some of the benefits that you may want to take when you use it. The auto setting is there so that when the air conditioner is working and running the fan will be moving and the air can be continue to circulate. The other option is that you can use the on setting where no matter what, the fan will be moving at all times. It will not shut off and will continue to move the air around the house. The only difference is that the fan does not create cooler air it will only move the air that is in the house.

Should I Use Auto or On to Circulate Air?

When you set the fan to on you are getting the air moving all the time which will balance the air better. The downfall is that you will see an increase in the power bill that you get when you do that. You also are overusing the fan which would mean you may need to have it repaired sooner. When you run the fan on auto you can save on the power bill since the fan is only running when the AC is running. The downfall is that you can start to notice that the air temperature is not as balanced.

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