When is it Better to Repair or Replace an AC Unit in Henderson, NV? High Cooling Bill & More

Your air conditioning unit provides cool air during the summer months to keep your living area comfortable. It is essential to keep your AC unit professionally maintained to ensure the longevity of the unit. If your unit is older or requires repairs regularly, you may want to consider a replacement. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning experts provide inspections, maintenance, repairs, and new installations to fit all budgets. Today will will outline when AC replacement is needed and when you can get away with another AC repair instead.

Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner?

1. Failing to maintain temperature: If your air conditioning unit struggles to keep up with the temperature setting, it could be something as simple as a clogged air filter or something more complicated such as a thermostat problem. The thermostat’s location could be an issue, especially if you have other heat-generating appliances nearby that could affect the thermostat and cause fluctuations in temperature. Thermostat issues can be tricky to diagnose on your own. Contact Air Supply Heating & Airconditioning for an inspection to determine if you need repairs or replacement.
2. Constant need for AC repairs: Failure to keep your AC unit well-maintained can result in an increased chance of repairs or, in some cases, replacement. If you need AC repairs every month or so, consult your Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning expert. You may discover replacing your existing unit with a new one is more economical than paying for potentially expensive repairs.
3. Life expectancy: The life expectancy of an average air conditioning unit is ten to fifteen years. Factors affecting life expectancy include climate, maintenance schedule, and how often you use the unit. If your AC unit is older than fifteen years and you are putting a lot of money into repairs, it may be time to get a new installation. Your Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning expert can provide a solution for every budget.
4. Accumulating dust: If you are beginning to notice a build-up of dust in your home, even with the windows and doors closed, it could indicate a problem with your AC unit. Dust and other particulates in the air can cause breathing issues and allergies. If you are replacing your filters, cleaning the outdoor unit, and having your ductwork inspected by your Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning expert and you still notice a lot of dust, consider replacing your existing air conditioning unit with a new one.
5. High cooling bill: If you notice an increase in your power bills, your AC unit could be the culprit. Your AC unit is a large appliance that consumes energy to run optimally. Higher energy bills indicate that your Air Conditioning system is malfunctioning and struggling to keep up. Replacing parts may be an option depending on what’s wrong with the unit. If not, you will need a new installation.
6. Unusual AC noises: When your AC struggles to keep your residence cool and comfortable, or you begin to notice strange or loud noises, it’s time to contact your Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning professional. Several factors can cause your unit to struggle, including damaged or worn-out internal mechanisms or a broken blower fan.

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