What’s Wrong With My Summerlin North, NV Heating Unit? Why is My Furnace Leaking Water or Making Loud Noises?

HVAC systems are very complex. Between heating and air conditioning, there is a lot of different things that can go wrong. Anything from simple replacements or repairs, to a major unit malfunction that requires more than a little to get it running. There are quite a few questions regarding your HVAC systems that begin with why. Why is it making this noise, or why is it smelling like this, or why is behaving like that? Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning would like to take the time to answer a few of the “why” questions. If you do not find yours here today, you are always welcome to give us a call and we will do our best at assessing the situation.

“Why” for the Furnace

Why is my furnace leaking water?
– There a few reasons why a pool of water might be pooling near your furnace. One could be a condensation dilemma. Condensation from a highly efficient gas furnace could be funneling to a floor drain. The condensation tubing could have gotten clogged resulting in a leak.
– Heat exchanger could be faulty, usually resulting in costly repair or a furnace replacement.
– Furnace humidifier could be have a problem. Keeping your furnace regularly tuned up could avoid this issue from arising. If this is the case, internal damage could be being afflicted.
Why is my furnace so loud?
– A number of issues could be causing your furnace to protest or produce unusual sounds. If you are hearing a whistling sound, it could be gaps in your ducts, a clogged filter, or too small of ducts trying to pass a larger volume of air.
– Rattling or vibration sounds could be the need for replacement screws on loose ducts, or duct tape could be uses sufficiently.
– Motor protests it could be an unbalancing of your furnace, this could result in worn bearings, a temporary fix can help, but eventually you will need a pro to fix this problem.
– Banging upon activation could be a number of reasons, all needing a professional to assist you in the fixes that are needed.
Why is my furnace filter black?
– Again, a number of things could be contributing to black filters. Candle or fire soot could be making its way there.
– Carbon monoxide is a byproduct of incomplete combustion causing soot deposits. Having carbon monoxide detectors is important, and if you suspect you have an issue, contact the proper utility companies, and seek medical attention.
– Mold growth could be spreading onto your filter.

“Why” for the Air Conditioning Unit

Why is my A/C unit blowing hot air?
– A varying of reasons, one could simply be the thermostat is not programmed correctly.
– A restriction of air flow, could be a clog in the vent, or the compressor is failing. Air filters need to be changed regularly and maintenance conducted on your unit to prevent either problem.
– The unit located outside is getting electricity. Check your circuit breaker to make sure the unit outside is being regulated with electricity.
Why is my A/C unit freezing up?
– The culprit being a dirt air filter, the blocked air flow can came make the condensation not being circulated, to freeze on the coils.
– Another problem could be the refrigerant is leaking. Your leaking coolant, which might be a better investment to replace the unit.

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Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning knows there are thousands of “why” questions, and over the months ahead we hope to answer for them you. Always feel welcomed to call us and give our experts a challenge. Together we can figure out the problem, and get your issues resolved.