What Type of Toxins are Found in the Air Indoors of Your Centennial NV Home? Dust, Dirt, Allergens & More

As the warmer months are right around the corner, start your spring cleaning off right with air duct cleaning services! Soon our Las Vegas plants and trees will be in full bloom and the dust and pollen season will be in full swing. For people with allergies, this can be a very difficult time of the year. In addition, over time forced air heating and cooling systems can become ridden with dust, mold and even rodent populations. For people allergic to dust mites, dirty air can be a real problem all year round. Air duct cleaning can remove these contaminants to improve your home’s air quality and increase HVAC efficiency. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning delves more into this service below.

How Much Dust is in the Average House?

A 1600 square foot home can accumulate 40 pounds of dust per year. Rodent feces carrying the hanta virus can be deadly to respiratory health. These, along with pet dander and mold, are contaminants that air duct cleaning can remove. Like we always say: “If it’s in your ducts, it’s in your lungs!” While we can’t control the outdoors, we can to some measure improve our indoor air quality. Improved HVAC efficiency is one of the benefits of duct cleaning services, in addition to greatly increasing your indoor air quality.

Why are My Allergies Worse Inside My House?

With spring so close to being in the air, so are allergies for those that struggle with the effects of pollen and other allergens that float around. Did you know that half of all allergies are aggravated by polluted indoor air? Duct cleaning services will alleviate allergies and respiratory problems.

Dust & Dirt Can Cause Air Conditioner System Failure

Dust is a sneaky annoyance that builds up in our home in places we don’t often think of cleaning; on top of kitchen cabinets, high shelving, underneath appliances and in our air ducts. Dust is a compilation of many different sources. The average adult sheds 500 million skin cells every day! Allergic substances found in dust consist of dust mite feces, cockroach particles, arsenic and lead. Ninety percent of HVAC system failures are caused by dust and dirt.

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Las Vegas residents are used to warm springs and hot summers, and the last thing they want is for their cooling system to shut down right before the temperatures crank up. The discomfort this thought may cause can be put at ease. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning technicians are trained to keep your AC running clean and strong. Don’t let built up dust ruin your ability to keep cool and breathe easy. Contact Air Supply today and get your HVAC system serviced and your air ducts cleaned.