What Would Cause an AC Unit to Not Turn On in Eldorado, NV? Can I Reset My Air Conditioner & More

You finally get home from your summer vacation to find out that your A/C system is not turning on. Why could this be happening? It is summer and your house is hot. You need cool air in your home to be able to survive the hot temperatures outside. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help you understand some reasons why your A/C isn’t working.

Can the Thermostat Be the Problem?

The first thing you should do if your air conditioning isn’t turning on is to check your thermostat. Make sure it is set to cool and not too off or heat. If it is set to either of those then it won’t turn on. If it is set to cool then confirm it is set below the current room temperature. If it is set higher than the room temperature then it will not turn on. If your thermostat is set to where it is supposed to be then continue to the next suggestion.

How Do I Know if AC Breaker has Tripped?

If your thermostat is just fine, check the circuit breaker. You might have tripped a circuit. So you just need to try and reset it. That might get your air conditioning running properly again. Now after you reset it and if it trips again then you will need to call Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning. They will be happy to come out and take a look for you to ensure that your wiring is not creating an unsafe situation for your home.

Check to See if AC Switches are Turned On

If everything from the first two suggestions does not seem to be the problem, then you should walk out to do your condenser (the unit outside of your house). Inspect the condenser unit and see if all the switches that are in and around the AC are set to “on”. That also includes the external safety switch that is usually located on an outside wall next to the condenser. If any of the switches are not on, then switch it to the “on” position. If you don’t feel comfortable with doing this, give Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning a call to come and help.

Inspect Air Handler Drain Overflow Tray

Now it is time you check your indoor unit. In the air handler (indoor unit) there is an overflow tray that can catch excess water. It is located below the water coils. Make sure you check that tray for excess water. Some units do not have one, so see if yours does first. There may be a sensor switch that turns the unit off when water collects in this tray. That switch is usually located on the side of your condensate drain pan or it can be on the drain on the evaporator coil. If that switch is off, a professional can come and help you get everything cleaned to get that switched back on.

Is Air Handler Blower Door Closed

While you are checking out your air handler ensure the blower door on the air handler is securely closed. If that is open then the A/C will not turn on until that door closes.

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Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help you with all your A/C needs. If your air conditioner isn’t turning on, just give us a call this summer. Our experts are happy to help you out will all your air conditioning concerns.