What to Expect From a Central Air Conditioner Repair Service Call in Las Vegas, NV; Thermostat Check, AC Inspection, Troubleshooting & Diagnosis

This might be your first time on your own. Just leaving home means dealing with your own problems. The first time your HVAC unit breaks down is likely to lead to many questions. You will obviously contact an ac repair company to come out and fix your unit. You may not know what to expect from your HVAC repairman and what questions he might ask. If you want to feel more at ease and understand the process your HVAC repairman will take to find your problem. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will explain this process and give you a heads up on what to expect.

Check & Test Your Home Thermostat

The very first thing a repair technician will do is ask to come into your home a do an overview of your thermostat. Why you wonder? Well, this is the first step in eliminating the most common of problems. Thermostats often accumulate setting and program problems that usually will need resting over time. It might also be a case of bad wiring. If the settings and wiring checks out okay, they will then move on to the next step.

Air Conditioning Inspection

Next, the AC technician will ask you to take them to the breaker box. They will shut off power to your unit then switch it back on again to see if your unit will activate. With no success with the quick and easy solutions, they will begin an inspection of your unit. The A/C technician will begin the sometimes long process of elimination. Through their experience, they will look at the common problems first and work their way through your unit’s entire operating functions until the problem can be found. As they conduct their search, it is common for them to check your refrigerant levels, air filter, safety controls, and wiring or electrical systems.

AC Troubleshooting & Diagnosis

After the problem is found the AC technician will come and talk to you about your different repair options. They will tell you what they discovered concerning the problem or problems. Some repairmen like to tell you how certain parts or systems work and why your HVAC unit isn’t working properly. They then will discuss your repair options and cost. They may even be able to upgrade certain parts to your unit to make it run better and save you money with more energy effective components. They will also offer advice to better help your HVAC system run more effectively and last longer. Knowing the homes A/C unit on average is 46% of most power bills, you might find that information helpful when it comes to saving you more money.

Air Conditioner Inspection, Troubleshooting, Diagnosis & Emergency Repairs in Las Vegas Valley, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

You never want to feel lost when you need repairs done on your a/c unit. Whenever you have detected a problem, you should have your A/C unit looked at as soon as possible. It is better to keep minor problems in check than replacing an entire HVAC unit. HVAC units are expensive ranging from $3500 all the way up to $10,000, so it’s still more cost effective to have your unit routinely serviced and repaired as needed. If you find your self dealing with the need to have your unit inspected or repaired, we here at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning are here for you. Contact us for all your heating and cooling needs!