What Should You Not Do with AC in North Las Vegas, NV? Ignore A/C Problems, Neglect Tune Up Maintenance & More

Using the air conditioning system involves more than just flipping it on at the thermostat. Poor habits and negligence can make your air conditioner work harder than it needs to, resulting in the need for more repairs, and having to replace it far too soon. In an effort to avoid the costly mistakes many people make, we at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to take the opportunity to share how hurting your air conditioning system with the common mistakes people do.

Ignoring AC Problems

When see irregulars with the performance of the air conditioning operations, ignoring the problems and not addressing them is not a good practice. Once you do finally address the problems that were neglected, you can expect to pay high repair costs and even possible expensive replacement. In the end, it is not worth ignoring problems as it brings higher costs up as well as probably replacement needs.

Not Upgrading Thermostat to Programmable / Smart Model

Your air conditioner is not getting proper service if in the event you are still using an old thermostat with your system. Your system cannot be controlled adequately if you are using an outdated thermostat. With a modern thermostat, you will best manage your cooling system. WI-Fi and smart thermostats are amazing as they help you eliminate costly human error. When you do not have the right thermostat, you are never going to get proper efficiency.

Neglecting AC Tune Up Maintenance

For a variety of reasons that can range from financial, time, or just simply not thinking about it, homeowners will skip maintenance. It can often be put in on the back burner though you may put your spring maintenance on the calendar. Skipping maintenance is a bad decision as it leaves your system vulnerable. Maintenance is the only time you can have a professional out to work on your AC system before problems get dire.

Using Air Filter for an Over Extended Time

The air filters need to be changed every 4-12 weeks, depending on the circumstances surrounding your home. If you let the air filters go too long while they are full, problems will quickly develop. You need a fresh, clean air filter to keep your system clean and high functioning as well as to avoid potential problems. Make sure to check the filter after 3 or 4 weeks and continue to check them every week after until the need replacing. Do these three consecutive times to learn the average filter changes your specific HVAC system needs.

Delay Replacing AC when Needed

No one wants to spend money unnecessarily. However, in the event you know that you need to upgrade your air conditioning system, these upgrades need to happen promptly. By waiting until the last possible minute, you are putting yourself at risk of a breakdown. We make replacement services easy because we are well-stocked, and experts are very knowledgeable.

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