What Problems Can a Dirty AC Condenser Coil Cause in Canyon Gate, NV & Process of Cleaning Coils

An air conditioning unit has two coiling systems and one is the evaporator coils which are found in the central air conditioner system inside the home. The second is the condenser coils which are located in the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit can be found on the roof or on the ground. The condenser coils, and most particularly the ground unit, will get filled with dirt. When the condenser coils get too dirty, it can cause a number of different problems. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share why it is important to keep the condenser coils clean and what happens when they are dirty.

What Does an Air Conditioner Condenser Coil Do?

The condenser coils are a vital part of the air conditioning system. They are located in the outdoor air conditioner unit. The heat inside the home is carried to the condenser coils where the refrigerant then removes the heat from the air and disperses the hot air outside the home. Without clean condenser coils, the unit cannot properly remove the heat from inside the home. The condenser coils are thin sheets of metal that are tightly held together. Due to their design and the fact they are part of the outdoor air conditioning system, they can get dirty rather easily. Being outside means they are exposed to dirt and debris which can clog up the condenser coils.

Why Do AC Condenser Coils Get Dirty?

When dirt builds up inside the condenser coils there is now a barrier of dirt between the coils and the air. When there is dirt covering the coils it makes it harder for the air conditioner system to cool the warm air. If not cooled properly, warm air will flow back into the home. When the condenser coils are dirty the home will not be cooled down properly. As the cooling efficiency is affected, so is the entire cooling system. As the home will not properly cool down, the thermostat will continually trigger cooling cycles causing your air conditioning system to work with little rest. As a result you will first notice an ever increasing power bill. Due to the more frequently and ineffective cooling cycle occurring, your bill will inflate. An additional outcome is premature wear of the air conditioner. When an air conditioner is forced to work longer and more frequently, it causes more rapid wear and tear on the air conditioner’s components. As the components begin to break down you will now be spending money on repairs. If not properly attended to, you may also be looking at a future air conditioner replacement.

Cleaning Air Conditioner Coils

It is essential to keep the condenser coils clean. It may seem like a minor problem that can be put off. However, that is never the case. Air conditioner systems require proper maintenance to ensure efficiency and its longevity. Cleaning the condenser coils may seem simple enough but it is important not to bend and damage the thin fins of the coils. It is always recommended that you have a professional HVAC service clean your unit’s condenser coils. Condenser coils are always cleaned during a routine tune-up. For those who regularly schedule air conditioner tune-up services, your condenser coils will always be cleaned. However, there are those who may not schedule once a year tune-up services. If your condenser coils are looking a bit dirty and your air conditioner bill is increasing, it is time to get your get your air conditioner system tuned-up. You can also request a basic cleaning of the condenser coils as well.

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