What it Means When Your Air Conditioner Making Loud Buzzing or Humming Noises in Las Vegas, NV?

The appliances in your home are meant to run smoothly with little to no noise at all. If you are noticing types of noises when your appliance is being used you know that there must be a problem. The same goes for the air conditioning system. The system has several working units and parts that are outside the home and in the attic space. They all work together to make your home cool on a hot summer day. The problems start to occur when you notice problems with the unit and it is no longer cooling efficiently. You also need to be aware of noises that might be coming from the unit when it is running. These noises are often a sign that major problems are on the way. It is best to make the repair early to avoid any unnecessary damage to the unit and possibly premature replacement.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Lists Noises Coming from Your AC Unit that Should Concern You

Air Conditioner Making High Pitched Squeal Sound: If you listen to your AC unit outside the house and you notice that the unit is making a squealing sound you need to look into the issue. A squealing sound coming from the unit is an annoyance and should be easy to hear. The most common cause of the squealing is from a fan belt on the unit. The blades on the unit need to turn so that the unit can stay cooled off. The fan belt is what will cause the rotation of the blades and when the belt is damaged it will not allow the blades to turn. The most common problem is the belt becoming stretched out and that will cause it to slip and make the squealing sound. You can have the belt replaced by a professional HVAC company.
AC Makes Hissing Noise: If you are outside and you notice a hissing sound you might be alarmed. The sound could be a snake prowling near the home or your AC unit could have a leak. Often times the leak can be a small crack or a hole that will allow a small amount of air to be released. When this happens the sound it will make is a hiss. You might have a leak in the coils that are there to help cool the air that is sent to the home. It can also be in the house and be in the duct work. These can each be repaired or replaced. If they are not your unit will not be working efficiently and could be costing you money on your energy bill.
Air Conditioner Compressor Buzzing Noise: If you start to notice your unit is buzzing this can be from a very minor problem all the way to a much bigger issue. The first is if there is some sort of debris on the unit. This will work like a card in the spokes of a child’s bike. The buzzing will continue until the debris is free from the unit. The other bigger issue will have something to do with the electrical wiring. If the electrical wiring is loose or damaged in any way, you may hear the buzzing noise and it needs to be addressed immediately.

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