What is the Most Efficient Way to Set Your Home Heating? Maintenance Check & More

Anything that helps you save money and energy is a good thing, right? When you turn on your heat, you want your heat to be as efficient as possible also. Well, there are a few ways you can help your heating system to be more efficient and Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning outline them below.

Clean Air Filters

Even if you don’t know anything about your HVAC system, you should still change your air filters regularly. You should be doing this every one to three months. Changing your air filters is something that is very simple to do. It is not very expensive and you can find them at any local hardware store. Replacing your air filters can help keep your HVAC system running better and help it not have to work as hard.

Schedule a Furnace Maintenance Check

Scheduling a routine maintenance check can help your HVAC run better. With a routine maintenance check the technicians will be able to find if any repairs need to be made on your HVAC system. This will also help prevent costly repairs in the future. They will test your HVAC system and make sure that the AC and your heater are working properly.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Having a programmable thermostat can help save you energy and money. With a programmable thermostat, you can easily schedule the time to turn on the heat in your house. During the day it can be a higher temperature and at night it can drop a few degrees making it cooler to sleep. Many people believe sleeping in a cooler temperature can help you sleep better. When you lower the temperature at night, this can help save you money and energy.

Seal Air Ducts

If you have any leaks in your air duct, then you could be losing heat in your home. It can be hard to check to see if your air ducts have leaks because they are in your walls, attic, or basement. You want to make sure that there are no leaks. This is when you hire an HVAC professional to come and check for any leaks that your air duct system may have.

Clean Vents

Over the summer months, your vents and registers can collect dust and dirt. You do not want to turn on your heater and have dust and dirt blown into your home. Cleaning them can help your HVAC system and increase the amount of airflow coming into your home. It does not take very long to clean the vents and registers and is worth it to get better air into your home.

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When you turn on your heater, you want to have the best outcome possible. Doing these few things and getting a routine maintenance check can help your heater to run smoothly during the cold months. If it is time for a routine maintenance check or you need help with your HVAC system then give Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning a call.