What is Done During a Heater Inspection in Tuscany Village, NV? Furnace Cleaning, Tune Up & More

The cold change in the temperature meant that we all shut off the AC and got our heaters ready to go for winter. The heating system had been sitting unused for most of the year when the temperatures were hot. When any mechanical system has been left to sit for so long, there are things that can go wrong and will need some attention. You want to make sure that your heating unit has enough time to get in shape before you really need to use it. If you didn’t have a heating inspection and tune up yet this winter, it’s not too late. You can still contact a professional HVAC technician like Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning that can come out and make sure your furnace is running optimally.

What Does a Furnace Tune Up & Inspection Include?

Switch Out Furnace & Air Filters: One of the first things that you need to do is to switch out any and all filters. There are the filters that are in your house and a part of the return air system. This is where the air is sucked back into the air ducts and recirculated into the house. Before it is circulated into the house it is sent through a filter. These filters need to be in good shape and clear of debris. The debris can be dust, hair, dander and more. You want to make sure that you replace these filters and start the season off with clean ones. You also want to talk to your technicians about any filters that might be a part of the heating system itself. If they have been sitting you want to make sure that you replace them as well.
Adjust The Thermostat: The thermostat in the house is in a central area and the setting has to be adjusted for heat and cool. There is a setting so that the air conditioner will kick on at a certain temperature. There is a setting that is to make sure that the heater kicks on when needed. You want to make sure that you set your digital thermostat so that the heater knows it is ready to be used. It also is a good idea to make sure you set the times that you want certain temperatures to be kept.
Furnace Inspection & Tune Up: An HVAC contractor can come out and check over the entire unit. We can determine if there are areas that may need some attention or repairs. There are lots of moving and working parts that can over time need to be replaced. The work that has to be done can include a tune up as well as cleaning the unit. If you have areas that need to be repaired or replaced you want to make sure that they are done by a professional.

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