What is a Reasonable Temperature for a House in Winter? Thermostat Settings to Save Money in Anthem, NV

With each season there are so many different things to think about. You have to rearrange your closet to accommodate the temperature change. You have to make any necessary changes for your landscaping needs. You have to change your thermostat to keep your family comfortable in your home. If you are like most homeowners you are not quite sure about your thermostat settings. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning gets asked routinely about thermostat settings. Today we have some tips for you.

Should You Leave Heating on when Away?

One of the first things that people ask is if they should turn their heater off when they leave their house during the day to help save money. There are some different pros and cons to turning off your heater when you are not home. Let’s review some of them.
Pros: One of the reasons that our customers will talk about turning the temperature in their house down when they leave their house is that it lowers your energy consumption. The rate of heat loss in your home is based on the difference between the temperature of your house and the air outside. During the winter the colder your house is inside the slower it will lose heat. When you come back home and want your home warmer it does take some extra energy to get your home back to a comfortable temperature but many people find that they are still using less energy than they would if they kept their home at a constant temperature. If you only change the temperature a few degrees it does not take as long to warm your home back up.
Cons: Some people take the concept of lowering the temperature on their thermostat to drastic levels. They will turn their thermostat down by a large amount when they are gone. When you do this the amount of energy that it takes to get your home to the desired temperature again is significant. In addition to extra heating costs homeowners will find their homes too cold to be comfortable when they come back home if they lowered the temperature too drastically.

How Low Can You Set Thermostat in Winter?

Another question that we get asked regularly is what temperature is recommended for your house. Studies have shown that 68 is the temperature that keeps most people comfortably warm when they are in their home. Winter brings the holiday season with it. When people leave their house for a number of days they wonder if turning their heater off completely is the best option. We do not recommend turning it completely off when you are on vacation. Simply turn your thermostat down to a lower temperature. This will allow your heater to keep working so that heat can keep running through your pipes while you are gone.

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Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning hopes this information about your heating system helps you stay nice and comfortable this winter season. We also recommend that you have your heating system properly maintained. If you haven’t made your appointment for your maintenance yet give us a call today.