What Happens when You Don’t Maintain Your HVAC System in Peccole Ranch, NV? More AC Repairs & More

There are some homeowners that do not believe it is necessary to have their air conditioner maintained by a professional. A homeowner may perform some of the more basic tasks but is not nearly as thorough as a professional. When neglecting your air conditioning and heating system there are some consequences. For those homeowner who do not fully understand the importance of professional HVAC maintenance, Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share the dangers of HVAC neglect.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

One consequence that most homeowners never consider when neglecting their HVC system is the air quality. Much of the air inside the home comes from the HVACV system. When the air conditioner has dirty air ducts, coils, and air filter, all of that dust and contaminates enter the home each time it runs a cycle. The indoor air quality can have an impact on those who suffer from allergies, asthma, and respiratory problems. Not only do those with respiratory conditions suffer but you can potentially create long term medical problems as well. Part of a professional maintenance includes cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils, blowing dust out of the fan and blower and when requested, the air ducts can be cleaned. The homeowner should be diligent in changing out their air filters every one to three months.

High Cooling & Heating Bills

Running an air conditioner and heating system is not free. It costs power, gas or other fuels. When an HVAC system is neglected a number of components will not run very well. Some components require lubricating and being kept clean and free of dirt. When you never lubricate or clean out the ducts, the air conditioner or heater will work harder and often require longer cycles to reach the desired indoor temperatures. As a result of these long and more frequent cycles, your cooling or heating bills will be higher. You could be saving money simply by having your HVAC system properly maintained.

More AC Repairs & Less Reliability

When you do not have your HVAC system professionally maintained, you will have more problems. A number of components will undergo a lot of stress from the other failing components and eventually you will need to repair or replace the part. Some parts such as the compressor, fan, blower, and evaporator are just a few of the components that may fail and are not cheap to replace. Repairing or replacing components is expensive and you will eventually need to replace the entire HVAC system. With neglect your HVAC system is not reliable and may fail when you need it most. With professional care your HVAC system will need less repairs, be more reliable, and even have a longer life span.

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Hopefully you understand the importance of proper HVAC maintenance. An air conditioning system only requires a tune-up once a year. The best time is in the spring. Your heating system should also be tuned-up once a year, typically in early fall. With a professional tune-up for both cooling and heating systems, you can help ensure top efficiency and prepare your HVAC for the upcoming seasons. For HVAC tune-ups, repairs, and more contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.