What Happens when the AC Compressor Fails in Summerlin, NV? Poor Airflow & Other Signs

Nothing is worse than finding out you don’t have air conditioning on a blazing hot day. Combine a high heat index with rising temperatures, and finding relief is almost impossible. Some HVAC problems are inexpensive and easy to repair. You can expect a costly repair bill if the problem lies with your compressor. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning’s experts recommend annual AC inspections to quickly diagnose and fix potential issues. Many compressor problems are preventable if detected early.

What is an AC Compressor?

Think of your AC compressor as the heart of your HVAC system. Its primary responsibility is to compress a cooling solution called the Refrigerant, so it can flow into the AC unit and remove the heat. Your compressor can last 10 to 15 years with proper maintenance and care. Failing to schedule your Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning’s inspection and annual maintenance can lead to increased wear and tear on your unit. Dirt, debris, dust, and refrigerant leaks all affect the functioning and lifespan of your AC compressor.

What are Signs that Your AC Compressor is Going Out?

Determining if your air conditioner’s compressor is malfunctioning and in disrepair, before it fails is crucial. Compressor replacement can be costly. Five warning signs that your AC compressor is failing are reduced airflow, loud noises, leaking Refrigerant, high utility bills, and a tripped circuit breaker.
1. Reduced Airflow: Reduced airflow is an early sign that the Air conditioner compressor could fail. Placing your hand under the vent is the easiest way to determine if your airflow is reduced. You have a compressor issue if the air feels warm instead of cool or the flow is weak. Contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning experts for immediate assistance.
2. Loud AC Noises: If your AC unit makes strange noises or vibrates, contact your Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning professional for expert advice. Among other things, loud noises could signal that your compressor is about to fail. Unusual noises often indicate that your compressor is having difficulty starting, and banging noises could mean that the electrical components in the compressor could quit working at any time.
3. Leaking Refrigerant: signs your Refrigerant is leaking include reduced airflow, hissing noises, ice formation on the evaporator coils, and water around your HVAC unit. Leaking Refrigerant affects your system’s cooling ability and can cause your compressor to fail.
4. Increasing Utility Bills: When your Air conditioner works harder to keep your home cool, it uses more power, causing your utility bills to increase drastically. Suppose you notice a sudden increase in your power bill and haven’t intentionally increased your usage. In that case, you should immediately schedule an appointment with your Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning technician for inspection and repairs.
5. Tripped Circuit Breaker: When a circuit trips, it protects your appliances and electronics from an electrical overload. If your outdoor unit constantly trips the circuit breaker, it’s a sign that your AC compressor is failing and needs more power because it is overheating. Turn it off immediately and contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning for assistance.

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