What Happens when an Air Compressor Overheats in Henderson, NV & How to Stop It?

The air conditioner’s compressor is an essential component that helps to move refrigerant throughout the system. During the hot summer season, the compressor works frequently throughout a single day. Sometimes then, a compressor can overheat and cause the air conditioner to shut down unexpectedly. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share what can cause compressor overheating, and how to prevent it.

Dirty AC Condenser Coils

The compressor sits inside the condenser unit and uses the condenser coils to absorb the heat. When the coil inside the condenser is dirty, the compressor needs to work harder to move the refrigerant in order to help the coil absorb the heat. If the coils become too dirty, they will not be able to remove any heat from the air at all. If the coils are never cleaned, often the compressor will overheat and shut the air conditioner down. To restore your cooling system the coils will need to be cleaned. With annual tune-ups of the air conditioner the coils are cleaned which will help prevent overheating of the compressor.

Low AC Refrigerant

The compressor moves the refrigerant throughout the system. However, if there is a refrigerant leak somewhere in the cooling system, the compressor will be moving nothing. The air conditioner will not be able to create the cool air which causes the air conditioner and the compressor to work continuously. Eventually the various components will overheat, including the compressor. If your air conditioner shuts down due to an overheated component, it is important to have the unit checked to determine the cause. If a leak is discovered, it can be repaired and the refrigerant recharged.

Poor Maintenance of Air Conditioner

An air conditioner unit needs to be maintained like any other machine. The compressor needs a number of accompanying systems cared for or it can cause the compressor to overheat. A number of failed components will cause overheating in the compressor such as a broken pipe, the inner layer of the condenser is damaged or the air filter is damaged. When the air conditioner is poorly maintained a number of the compressor’s accompanying components can fail and cause the compressor to overheat. It is important to maintain and care for your air conditioner to prevent premature wear and component failure.

Poor Insulation in Home

If the home has poor insulation and air leaks in the doors and windows, the cool air your air conditioner makes will leak out of the home or the home will simply get hot too fast. The home needs to be able to maintain its internal temperature. If the home warms up too fast, the air conditioner will need to run more cooling cycles. The closer the cooling cycles are together, the air conditioner will begin to overheat. A number of the air conditioner’s components can develop overheating including the compressor. To help your cooling system out, you should look into insulating your home to reduce the amount of heat that enters the home and keep the cool air in.

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To help prevent the compressor from overheating or to experience other air conditioner problems this summer season, have your air conditioner tuned up and properly maintained. For HVAC services, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.