What Happens if You Oversize or Undersize Your Furnace in Henderson, NV? Uneven Home Heating & More

No one wants to face a furnace replacement, but if that is exactly what needs to be done in your home this winter, you want to make sure you’re picking the right furnace for your house. Some people might think that picking the largest furnace available is the way to go, but it can actually be detrimental to your heating system to have an oversized furnace. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to talk about why the size of your furnace matters, and why you should want to make sure your new furnace isn’t too large for your home.

Why is it Better NOT to Undersize or Oversize Your Furnace?

It is incredibly important that the new furnace you have chosen for your home is the right size for your space. The size of your furnace is determined by how much square footage you have in your home. This can make or break your heating system. There are several problems that can arise when the furnace in your home is too large for the square footage it is trying to heat. Read on to see some of the problems that can be caused by an oversized furnace.

Furnace Short Cycling

Short cycling is one of the biggest problems that can be a result of a furnace that isn’t the right fit for your home. This means that the furnace is turning on to shortly turn off again before the home has reached the desired temperature. This happens because the furnace starts to overheat shortly after kicking on and then shuts off promptly as a safety precaution.

Heating Inefficiency

If your furnace is turning on and off constantly, it isn’t going to be working efficiently. One of the biggest benefits to replacing your old furnace is the hope that your new furnace is more efficient and won’t cost as much money to run. If the furnace is too large and short cycling all of the time, it is will be incredibly inefficient.

Shorter Furnace Lifespan

When your furnace is working overtime, it is hard on the furnace. The average furnace will last between 15-20 years before it needs to be replaced. That number can be cut in as much as half when the furnace is too large for the house. The overheating that is happening regularly can cause damage to major parts of the furnace and lead to early replacement.

Uneven Home Heating

It can be incredibly frustrating to have cold spots throughout your home while the heat is on. If you have struggled with hot and cold spots in your home, those are only going to be heightened when you have a furnace that is the wrong size for your home.

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