What Happens if Furnace is Oversized in Silverado Ranch, NV? Uneven Heat Distribution, Less Efficient & More

When it comes time to replace a furnace, a person may be tempted to buy a furnace larger than what is necessary. It may seem like a good idea buying an oversized furnace, it should heat up the inside of the home faster and won’t run nearly as long or as often right? Where an oversize furnace may seem like a clever idea, it actually causes more problems than it does good. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to cover the many dangers of an oversize furnace and why it is important to get the right size furnace.

Uneven Heat Distribution

When installing an oversize furnace a homeowner can expect to have uneven heating. An oversize furnace can cause some areas to the home to get hotter than other areas of the home. It can be uncomfortably hot while other areas of the home remain cold. This is because the heat often hits the thermostat before the rest of the home has had time to warm up. To have the home heat evenly and comfortably throughout the entire house, avoid having an oversized furnace installed.

Less Efficient Heating

It can be very surprising to many that an oversize furnace is actually very inefficient. Essentially, you will pay more money heating up your home if the furnace is too big. This is because the furnace never runs long enough to reach its peak efficiency. It’s just like a car. You never want to start and restart the car over and over as it takes a burst of fuel to start up an engine. A furnace is the same way. It takes a burst of gas or electricity to upon start it up. With the combined issue of uneven heating, the furnace will have far more start-ups than normal. This is why it is inefficient to have an oversized furnace.

Reduced Furnace Life Expectancy

When the furnace is too big for the heating space it can reduce the life of the furnace. When choosing to install an oversize furnace you can expect to replace the furnace well before its time. With the frequent start-ups it strains the furnace. The furnace has the tendency to overheat. As a result one of the first problems is the heat exchanger can develop a crack releasing carbon monoxide gas into the home. Other components can run down as well, requiring a number of repairs and component replacements. Eventually the entire furnace can wear down to the point it will need total replacement. To avoid premature furnace replacement, never install an oversized furnace.

Furnace Short Cycling

Another common problem with an oversized furnace is short cycling. Short cycles may not seem like a major problem, but more of an inconvenience. However, short cycling is a bad sign. Short cycling occurs when the furnace overheats and to prevent a fire, the furnace will shut off. At times the circuit may even trip, requiring the breaker to be reset. The overheating can lead to a number of component failures, repairs, or replacements.

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When replacing the furnace never get one that is too big for your home. For proper sizing and installation, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.