What Happens if Condensate Drain is Clogged in Silverado Ranch, NV? Flooding Around AC Unit & More

When most people think about their air conditioning unit, they think about what a lifesaver it is during the summer months as it lowers the temperature in their home. The central air conditioning unit in your home actually does more than just blow cool air into your home though. It is responsible for removing any humidity that can be found in your home as well. As it works to remove the moisture from the air, that moisture drains away. This is called your condensate drain. If there is a clog in it, you will notice your system not working as well as it should. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to talk about some of the signs of a clogged condensate drain.

Why Does My Condensate Line Keep Clogging?

As the evaporator coils work to cool the air off, the water is removed from the air as well. It is then collected in a pan and moved down the pipe and out of the system. As time goes on, there are clogs that can start to form as mold, dirt and dust can start to build up inside the pipe. This problem can be avoided when you have your system tuned up at the beginning of the summer season.

What Happens if Condensate Drain is Clogged?

There are a few different signs that may be present if you have a clogged condensate drain. Here is what you should be looking for.
– Flooding: One of the most common signs that accompanies a clogged condensate drain is pooled water around the unit. This happens because the water has nowhere to go but is still building up. If that water can’t be emptied because the drain is clogged, it will start to pool around the unit and cause other issues.
– Mold Growth: Anytime there is excess water standing anywhere in your home for a long period of time, you are at risk of mold and mildew growth. When mold and mildew start to grow, one of the key indicators will be the musty smell that is present.
– Frozen Pipes: If there is too much condensation on your unit, it can lead to frozen pipes. When this happens, your unit won’t be able to run, and you will have a hot house.
– AC Won’t Turn On: It isn’t uncommon for your AC to fail to turn on when the condensate drain is clogged. When there is excess water around your unit, it can lead to shorting circuits and part failure which can leave you with an AC that isn’t working.

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If you have any signs that point to a clogged condensate drain, you can turn to Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning to help you get rid of the problem. We will make sure you have the AC that you need to get you through the brutal summer months. Call us today!