What Does it Mean when Your AC Makes a Loud Banging Sound or Other Weird Noise in The Lakes, NV?

When an air conditioner begins makings odd noises you will need to have the system checked by an air conditioning repair service. Depending on the type of noise coming from the air conditioner the problem can vary. Certain air conditioner problems will have a number of symptoms, including noises. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share the different noises and the problems an air conditioner can develop.

Why Does My Air Conditioner Make a Banging Sound when it Turns On?

Is your air conditioner making a banging noise? The banging noise means something is either loose or has broken off. There may be a chance some debris got caught inside the air conditioner and is banging around while the unit is running. Banging is a major problem when it occurs inside the air conditioner. To prevent further problems with the air conditioner, when you hear banging turn off the air conditioner and contact an air conditioning repair service.

Loud Squeaking from AC

One of the worst noises a homeowner can hear is a loud screeching noise. When your air conditioner begins making a loud screeching noise, quickly turn off your air conditioner. A loud screeching noise could be a refrigerant leak and the air conditioner is overheating. Another reason why an air conditioner will make a screeching noise is when there is high pressure that is building up inside the compressor. The air conditioner will need to be inspected and the pressure released.

Air Conditioner Making Clicking Noise

Do you hear a clicking noise coming from your air conditioner? A clicking noise may be debris inside the outdoor unit. You will need to turn off the air conditioner and remove all of the debris. Before reaching inside the unit and removing the debris make sure to turn off the cooling system’s primary power to ensure safety.

AC Making a Buzzing Noise

A buzzing or humming noise often points to an electrical problem. There may be a loose connection or the wiring may be exposed. The electrical wiring and connection will need to be checked and repaired or replaced. You will need to have the electrical system checked by an air conditioner repair service to handle the repairs.

Why is My AC Making a High-Pitched Squeal?

Do not get confused with a screeching or squealing noise coming from the unit inside the home. This sound is usually the fan belt. The fan belt can become loose where it will cause the fan motor to make a squealing noise. The fan and the motor require cleaning and the belt will need to be checked at least once a year. If the belt looks compromised then the belt should be replaced.

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Noises coming from your air conditioner unit are never a good sign. When your air conditioner develops odd noises it is clear your air conditioner will need to be repaired. When your air conditioner begins to make odd noises, turn off your air conditioner unit and do not turn the air conditioner back on until you seek professional repairs. When you need quality air conditioning repair, inspection, tune-ups and more, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning and schedule our services today.