What Does it Mean when Your AC Keeps Freezing Up & Will a Frozen Air Conditioner Fix Itself in Tuscany Village, NV?

Your AC is something that, especially in the summer, you want to be blowing cold air. Did you know if your AC is freezing up, it won’t blow cold air and it will cause problems to your AC? Having your AC freeze up might sound nice but it is not a good thing to happen and won’t give you the AC you want in your house. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning wants to help you learn and understand why your AC is freezing up and how to help prevent it from happening.

Little or No Airflow from One or More Vents

One of the main reasons why your AC will freeze up is the lack of airflow. This can be due to a number of things that is going on with the AC. It could be a collapsed duct, bad blower motor, low voltage to the fan, or even a clogged air filter. Any of these things can cause problems with your AC. When it comes to freezing up, the compressor will continue to run. If there is anything in the system that stops the warm air from flowing over the coils, your AC will start to freeze up and only get worse over time if not fixed properly.

AC is Clogged or Blocked with Dust

You do not want to get dust on your damp refrigerant coils. If you are running your AC with no filters, low-quality filters, or clogged filters, you will end up having dust accumulate on your damp refrigerant coils. This is not a good thing. Not having good filters lets a lot of dust through that should not be coming through. You need good filters to help your AC run properly. But if this happens it will trap the cold air inside the coils causing them to freeze and ice will start to build up. The ice will continue to accumulate, eventually causing your AC to freeze up and not work.

Low AC Refrigerant

With an AC system, it needs refrigerant. How does it work? The warm air converts liquid refrigerant into a gas which heats up and drops pressure. The compressor then compresses the gas back into a liquid and pumps it toward the blower fan inside the house. This repeated process keeps your house the temperature you want. When there isn’t enough refrigerant in the system this conversion process will occur too early. This will then create enough cold to condense moisture onto the coils which instantly freezes them.

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Having your AC freeze is not something you want. Yes, you want cold air blowing into your house, but you do not want the AC to freeze. It will not make your air colder. If you notice your AC is blowing warm air and you have ice building up near the outside unit or any other part of your AC system, you will want to turn off the thermostat but leave the fan on. Then call Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning to come to get your AC fixed and working properly again.