What Does a Central Air Conditioning Air Handler Do in Sunrise Manor, NV? Circulate Cool Indoor Air & More

When you have a central air conditioning system you will have two major units. Depending on the type of central air conditioning, you will either have a condenser or heat pump outside the home and the air handler unit inside the home. The air handler is most often in the attic but can also be located in a basement or in a designated closet. The air handler essentially “handles” the air all year long which means the air handler will undergo a ton of work and stress. A number of heating and air conditioning problems often occur in the air handler unit, due to its ongoing workload. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to focus on the air handler to help more people better understand the need and care the air handler requires.

What are the Parts of an Air Handler?

The air handler helps in regulating the temperature and circulating all of the indoor air inside the home. The air handle consists of a number of different components that work together to both cool and heat air throughout the year. Following are the primary components of the air handler and their designate purpose:
AC Evaporator Coils – Housed inside the air handler is the evaporator coils which is an essential component for the refrigeration cycle. During the summer, and the home needs to be cooled, the evaporator coils remove the moisture or humidity from the air. It helps to make the air feel cool and a bit more comfortable when the humidity is removed. During the winter, and you need warm air inside the home, the coils are warm and transfer the heat into the air as it passes over the coils. The evaporator coils help assist the heating and cooling system throughout the entire year, bringing you a more comfortable temperature.
AC Blower & Motor – The blower circulates all of the air that is cooled or heated into the home all year long. There is a blower which is a cylinder shaped fan that rotate to push the air through the duct work. The blower needs a motor to operate. Often it is the motor that will develop the most problems. The blower motor comes in three different types of designs. There is a single speed motor that only uses one fixed speed during every cycle. Then there is a multi-speed motor that uses use two varying speeds, a high or a low speed, depending on the demand or load. Lastly, there is a Variable-speed which uses different speeds but also runs continuously which helps to constantly circulate air throughout the home.
Air Supply and Return Plenum Connections – Air supply and the return plenum connections is basically the entire air duct system. The air duct system has an air supply section of duct work that feeds every room in the home. Then there is the return section of ductwork which is usually much smaller. It sucks the air inside the home up and into the air handler. The duct work can split and develop leaks and at times need to be replaced due to poor design or installation, or the wear of time.
Air Filters – Connected to the return section of the ductwork are housed the air filters. The air filters help to capture the dust and other particles inside the home and prevent them from entering into the air handler. The air filters do need to be changed out every one to three months.

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Understanding the basic components of the air handler may help better troubleshoot other problems as they occur. For quality HVAC services, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.