What Compromises the Furnace Combustion Chamber & What are Signs it Should Be Replaced in Henderson, NV?

A furnace has a number of parts and components that come together to provide the home with warm air. There are some components that can become compromised, yet the furnace can still continue to operate. One of these components is the combustion chamber or also known as the burning chamber. The combustion chamber is where the fuel is converted into heat. If the combustion chamber does become compromised, there is a potential danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share some of the common signs of a compromised combustion chamber and when to seek professional HVAC services.

Rust & Soot on Furnace

If you believe that there is a problem with your furnace and even with the combustion chamber, you will first want to turn off your furnace and do a visual inspection. With a flashlight, look over the furnace’s combustion chamber. The combustion chamber is usually a cylinder shaped component. When looking over the combustion chamber look for signs of soot and or rust. Rust is common in older units, and rust is basically a weak point in the outer wall of the combustion chamber. When the wall has been damaged, it is common for soot to blow out. If you have either rust or soot on the surface of the combustion chamber, the component may need to be replaced.

Cracked Metal on Combustion Chamber

When doing your inspection, you will also want to look for cracks. Cracks can develop which is often a byproduct of the heating system. When the furnace runs a cycle, the metal along the combustion chamber will become very hot. When metal becomes hot it expands. When the heating cycle ends, the metal will then cool down and contract. Over time the constant expanding and contracting can cause the metal to crack. When the combustion chamber cracks, the fumes and gases that are created during the heating process can leak out through the cracks. A furnace produces carbon monoxide gases, and if leaked out through a crack, you may be exposed to carbon monoxide gas poisoning. To help alert you to a potential threat, it is often recommended that homeowners install carbon monoxide detectors. You can use a simple plugin for detection or replace your home’s smoke detector with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If there are cracks along your combustion chamber, keep the furnace turned off and seek immediate repairs.

Furnace Flame Behavior

Most combustion chambers will have a small glass window which allows you to look inside. Inside you will see a flame which is burning the fuel to create the heat. When looking at the flame, see if the flame is flickering, dancing or jumping. If so, this is odd behavior. When the flame develops some odd behavior this is often the result of the gases leaking out of the chamber. Again, a sign that the gas is leaking out is a potential hazard that needs to be corrected. Sometimes a leak can develop in a hard to see area. To ensure your home’s safety, have the furnace inspected and repaired by an HVAC professional when your flame develops odd behavior.

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