What Causes an Outside Air Conditioner to Ice Up & How to Prevent Ice Formation & Buildup in Summerlin, NV

Is there ice on your air conditioner coils? When ice builds up on the air conditioner, it is a clear sign there is a problem with the air conditioner. Ice buildup can be due to a few different issues. When ice builds up, it can be due to minor or simple problem, or it can point to more severe issues with the air conditioner. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share what can cause an air conditioner to ice up and how to prevent it in the future.

Weak Air Flow from Vents in House

One of the topmost reasons why an air conditioner will ice up is due to poor airflow. When the airflow is restricted it can cause the air conditioner to malfunction in various areas. Often the intake system or blower is compromised. When the air conditioner ices up there are a few culprits you can check that can be causing an airflow restriction.
• Collapsed Air Duct: If the air flow is compromised, you can check the air ducts. Flexible air ducts can collapse or even become blocked. Check the air duct for collapse or debris that can be clogging or blocking the airflow.
• Dirty Air Filter: If the air filters are neglected and they have become so dirty air cannot flow through them properly, they too can cause the air conditioner to ice up. When the air conditioner ices up check the air filters first and see if this is the problem.
• Bad Blower Motor: When the blower motor begins to go out, the air flow is compromised. As a result, ice can build up on the air conditioner. If the blower motor fails it is important to have the component replaced. Often ice buildup is a sign there is a problem with the blower motor.
• Not Enough Power: The fan motor requires a lot of power to run the component properly. At times older homes do not have enough power or voltage running to the air conditioner circuit. You may need to add a more powerful circuit line to properly power the air conditioner unit to prevent ice up and other mechanical problems.

Dirty AC Coils

Besides poor air flow and dirty filters, dirty coils is another culprit for an icy air conditioner. There are two types of coils in a cooling system. There is the evaporator coils and the condenser coils. The evaporator coils is located on the inside unit of the cooling system while the condenser coil is located on the outside of the air conditioner unit. When the air conditioner ices up, often one or both of the coils need to be cleaned. However, with yearly tune-ups, the technician checks and cleans the coils which can prevent ice ups and many other problems from occurring.

Low AC Refrigerant

Another common cause for the air conditioner to ice up is when the cooling unit is low on refrigerant. Refrigerant doesn’t run out as it is recycled. If the refrigerant is low it is due to a leak. Often the leak needs to be repaired and the refrigerant refilled.

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When ice builds up on the air conditioner it is best to contact a professional for a deeper inspection. For quality HVAC services, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.