What Causes an AC Coil to Freeze Up & How Do I Fix My Coils from Freezing in Mountain’s Edge, NV

Air conditioning systems in Las Vegas homes and businesses are essential for the locals to find relief from the desert heat. When the air conditioner is not functioning at peak performance, the frustration, discomfort, and annoyance is often felt. Noticing that the air conditioning unit has frozen coils is a common occurrence, but in most cases, it indicates there is a problem that requires a professional repair service. Because there are a number of reasons as to why the coil will freeze, today, we at Air Supply Air Conditioning & Heating would like to share the common causes of frozen coils.

Coolant is Leaking

More often than not, leaks in the refrigerant line or coils results in low coolant levels. With refrigerant leaks, extra wear and tear occurs and the air conditioner’s ability to cool the home is limited. A professional will need to identify the leak in the air conditioning system, make the appropriate repairs, and the charge the refrigerant levels where they should be according to the unit’s needs.

Outdoor Temperatures

In order to convey heat outside the household, the central cooling system needs warm ambient temperatures. The cooling system will not work correctly when outdoor temperatures fall below 62 degrees Fahrenheit, leading to ice forming on the coils. During hot months, is in your better interest to program your AC thermostat to shut off the air conditioning.

Weak Airflow

In order to function correctly, air conditioning units require constant airflow. Airflow problems can occur due to the following reasons:
– Clutter obstructing supply registers
– The air ducts are not sealed or are leaking
– Filters have become over encumbered and need to be cleaned or changed
– Dampers or gates are clogged
– Air ducts are blocked with dust or debris

Malfunctioning AC Blower Fan

Warm air is pushed into the coils and air ducts by the blower fans, and they then circulate the cool air all over the home. The process of conveying heat is halted, and ice begins to form on the coils if in the event the fan breaks down.

Dirty Evaporator Coil

In the central heating and cooling system, a lot of dust and debris can collect and then it gets caught in the ductwork or air filter. Over time, a collection of dust and debris will buildup. Due to frozen condensate on the coils, the dirt between the coils makes it difficult for the refrigerant to take in heat resulting in limited heat transfer.

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When it comes to frozen coils on the coils, you should immediately turn the off the air conditioner and check the filters to see if that is the source. If the filters are not the issue, and the iced coils remain a problem, call in the professionals of Air Supply Air Conditioning & Heating and let our certified experts assist you. Our certified experts are fully certified and training and have the experience and skills to ensure the repairs, among any other central air conditioning system services are done with quality workmanship.