What Causes AC Unit to Freeze Up & How Do I Stop My Air Conditioner from Freezing Up in Seven Hills, NV?

When your air conditioner seems to be turning into an ice machine, you have a problem. You air conditioner should not be making ice, let alone have ice all over it. An air conditioner develops ice on its surface or along the condenser coil and refrigerant line when there is a problem. Not only will you discover ice accumulating on your air conditioner but your home will begin to feel warmer and warmer. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will cover some of the reasons why an air conditioner will ice up and how this problem is repaired.

Weak Air Flow from Vents

One of the most common reasons why an air conditioner will develop ice is when there is poor air flow. Little to no air flow when the air conditioner is running a cycle will cause the unit to become very cold and in turn, any condensation or moisture on the unit will freeze. There can be a few reasons why the air conditioner is having air flow problems some of the common culprit are:
• Collapsed Air Ducts – The flexible style air duct system can collapse and when they do it will restrict the air flow causing the cold air to be trapped.
• Bad Blower Motor – If the blower or the motor wears down it will not be able circulate the air properly which again will cause the cold air to freeze the moisture near or around the unit.
• Clogged Air Filter – When the air filters are neglected the air flow becomes restricted. Not only does the air filter restrict air flow that causes ice to form, but it will cause the entire air conditioner to be stressed.
• Block or Closed Vents – Sometimes the lack of air flow may be a closed or blocked air vent. It is important that all of the vents are left open and that they are not blocked or obstructed.
• Dirty Coils – Another cause for ice to accumulate on your air conditioner is when the coils are dirty. A dirty coil will prevent the air to flow through the coil that cools the air as it passes. There are two coil systems, the evaporator coil and the condenser coils. Both need to be kept clean. However in most cases, ice is due to a very dirty evaporator coil. It is important both coil systems are clean. During the summer season, periodically inspect the coils to see if they need to be cleaned.
• Low Refrigerant – At times the air conditioner may develop a refrigerant leak and when this happens, the air conditioner will fail to produce enough cold air and often ice will form. When the refrigerant leaks out and the air conditioner continues to run the cycle, the air conditioner’s compressor can overheat, leading to compressor failure. When there is a refrigerant leak, often ice will form along the refrigerant lines and not so much on the air conditioner or air handler. If the copper tubes are iced up there is a chance you have a refrigerant leak.

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There are some problems the homeowner can deal with such as changing out air filters and opening and unblocking the air vents. However, the rest should be left to an HVAC professional. If you need HVAC services, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.