What Causes AC Compressor Failure in Tuscany Village, NV? Troubleshooting Common Problems

There are many appliances, parts, and other elements that complete the HVAC system in your Las Vegas home or business. Being one of the primary sections of the cooling system, the air conditioning unit has a plethora of components that work in harmony to ensure your home or business is adequately cooled and comfortably maintained. Being among the most absolutely essential elements, to accomplish a cool and comfortable home or business, the air compressor has to be working order. Today, we at Air Supply Air Conditioning and Heating would like to continue to elaborate on the subject.

Air Compressor Working Principle

The temperature of the refrigerant will rise through the function of the compressor. It is done due to the squeezing and increasing the pressure puts on the refrigerant. After the temperature is raised to a certain point above the temperature of its surroundings, the liquidized refrigerant moves throughout the system. From there, it will begin to move throughout the condenser coils on the outside unit, once the refrigerant is heated. The heat in the air is absorbed by the refrigerant, after which, it is then released outdoors. The air left inside your home is cool and comfortable conclusion of the process, though the cycle is constant.

Common AC Compressor Problems

Being rightly referenced, the conditioner compressor is commonly known as the heart. The entire air conditioning cycle would not be able to continue functioning if the component that initiates the heating of the refrigerant is not operational. A domino effect occurs, and things can break down very rapidly when an AC compressor problem is being experienced. There can be several contributing circumstances in the event your compressor becomes inoperable. The most common problem is that unit is not getting the power it needs. However, if you notice the listed issues below, the compressor is likely the problem.
– The startup of the air conditioner unit has a stutter
– The unit’s cooling efficiency falls short
– Experiencing too low or too high of air discharge

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There are some air conditioner compressor problems that can be prevented all together. A few of the common underlying concerns are inadequate oil lubricant, faulty electrical systems, dirty coils, improper suction line sizes, clogs in suction lines, low refrigerant, too much refrigerant, and contaminates within the system. Most of these concerns can be avoided through regular care and maintenance. Having a professional tune-up can help along with changing your filter on a routine basis. The overall system is healthy and condition of the cooling system is the concern of the technician as they ensure the refrigerant is charged correctly, the air conditioner is clean, there is efficient lube, electrical systems is checked, and system contaminates are removed. When your Las Vegas Valley’s air conditioning is not working to its full potential contact Air Supply Air Conditioning and Heating and let us assist you. Our technicians have the qualifications and skills to ensure high-quality services, no matter if you need assistance with repairs, maintenance, installations, or replacements.