What Can Go Wrong with an Electric Furnace in Centennial, NV? Loose Wiring, Water Leak & More

Those who have an electric furnace will run into much different problems than those who have a gas or fueled furnace. If your electric furnace keeps tripping the breaker or burning out the fuse, this is a common sign your furnace has a problem. When a furnace won’t stay on, you will want to troubleshoot your furnace and discover the culprit. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share some of the common failures of an electric furnace to help you troubleshoot why your furnace keeps tripping its breaker or blowing out its fuse.

What are the Most Common Problems with Electric Furnaces Not Blowing Hot?

Dirty Air Filter: One of the reasons why your electric furnace keeps tripping or blowing out its fuse may because the air filters are dirty. It is really important for the air filters to be changed out about one to every three months. If the air filter becomes too dirty, it will restrict the air flow causing a lot of stress and overheating. This is why a furnace may trip its breaker or blow out a fuse. Make sure to always keep the air filter changed out.
Loose Wiring: The vibration from the furnace can eventually cause some of the internal wiring to become loose. When the electrical wiring inside the furnace becomes loose it can result in a short and the furnace will be unable to run. When the furnace fails to start or you cannot seem to reset the breakers, the furnace’s electrical wiring system needs to be inspected for loose or even possible damaged wiring.
Water Leakage into the Furnace: When water leaks into the furnace and contacts the electrical wires and devices, this will cause the furnace to short out. A furnace should not be exposed to water. If this occurs you must locate the source of the leak and repair it to prevent electrical damages from occurring.
Fuse Problems: A furnace will need its fuses changed out every few years. When a furnace is having a problem powering on, the fuse may be dirty and need to be replaced. This is a common and basic maintenance service that is usually done when the furnace is tuned-up. However, sometimes the wrong size fuse is installed which will cause frequent trips or unstable power. If the fuse was recently replaced and yet you continue to have electrical problems, you may have the wrong size fuse.
Starting Capacitor: The furnace heating cycle begins at the starting capacitor. When the furnace will not start a heating cycle there may be a problem with the capacitor. Capacitors are an inexpensive repair and one that can be done rather quickly.
Failed Transformer: If your home supports over 120 volts you will need a transformer for your furnace. The transformer helps to regulate the correct amount of voltage for your furnace. If the transformer fails then the furnace will also fail to start up. When the furnace fails to start a heating cycle and there is no apparent problem, it may be that the transformer has failed.

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These are but a few of the common problem an electric furnace can develop. If your furnace isn’t operating properly then contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.