What Can Cause a Furnace to Stop Working in Sunrise Manor, NV? Pilot Light, Blower Motor & More

Furnaces will often fail due to neglect or age. There are a number of reasons that will lead to furnace failure. In most cases it can be due to simple problems that can be avoided. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to explore some of the common reasons for furnace failure that occurs and what can help prevent or repair the problem to ensure you stay warm all winter long.

Clogged or Dirty Furnace Filter

There is a filter that sits within the furnace which is designed to prevent dust, pollen and other particles from entering the furnace and circulate throughout the home. Not only does the filter help protect the home and furnace it also affects furnace efficiency. When a filter becomes dirty and the air flow becomes restricted, it causes the furnace to work harder. This may not seem like a major problem but over the course of months or years your furnace will wear down quicker leading to a number of problems that can affect the entire HVAC system. Filters should be checked every month and changed when needed. Due to the frequent wind Southern Nevada has and being a desert, dust is a major problem for HVAC systems.

Broken HVAC Thermostat

When a furnace or even the air conditioner appears not to be working or running, most people assume the worst and believe the furnace is broken. While the furnace can break down often due to age, it may not be the furnace at all but the thermostat. Often when a HVAC technician is called to a home the very first thing they check is the thermostat. This is due to the many cases where the thermostat has run into problems such as dead batteries, the connection is damaged or the thermostat simply died, again due to age. Check the thermostat first and see if it is operating.

Furnace Pilot Light or Electrical Ignition

Depending on the age of the furnace it may use either a pilot light or an electrical ignition which is the startup system. The ignition or pilot light can erode or burn up over time. When the ignition fails to light it will not provide the furnace any fuel to begin creating heat. This is a common problem that can be easily fixed by either replacing the ignition or in some cases simply cleaning it.

Furnace Blower Motor

The blower is the component that circulates the heated air throughout the home or building. Sometimes also referred to as the fan motor, it often needs to be inspected and serviced. Often the fan motor needs to be cleaned or the belt may need to be replaced. The bearings may also need to be tightened or replaced. When having the furnace tuned-up before winter, often the HVAC technician will inspect and service the blower to ensure it is operating correctly. If you hear the furnace kick on but little or no air comes through the air vents, it mostly likely is due to a malfunction in the blower.

Furnace Fuel Supply

Many furnaces in the Valley use natural gas to fuel the furnace. If your home uses gas and the furnace fails it could be due to no fuel supply. If the HVAC technician cannot determine a mechanical failure with the furnace they will have the gas line checked. There are ways for them to check to see if fuel is coming into the furnace but cannot determine if there is a problem in the fuel line. You will need to seek help from the gas company to inspect gas lines.

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