What Average Temperature Should I Set My Air Conditioner Thermostat to in Las Vegas, NV? Problems of Setting it Too Low; Runs Longer & Harder Requiring Repairs & Costing More!

If you are like most people you have come somewhat dependent on having your home a nice cool and comfortable temperature. Comfort is top priority for most people even though for many years people didn’t have the chance to use an AC unit since they did not exist. Now that they are mainstream and generally every house in Las Vegas has one, we want it to work hard to keep us cooled down. With that said there is a lot that goes into setting the thermostat and making sure that your unit is working efficiency.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Lists What You Need To Know About Setting Your Thermostat Correctly

Air Conditioner Cools the Same No Matter the Temperature: Everyone has a temperature that they like their home to be set at. The digital thermostats have settings that allow you to have the house at different temperatures throughout the day. The problem comes when it is a very hot day outside and you have spent time outdoors. Then you come in your home and decide that your normally 80 degree house is just too hot. Some people will head to the thermostat and crank it down several degrees. What you need to understand is that if your home is at 80 and you want it down to 78 it will click on and start the process. It will remove the heated air inside and circulate the cooler air. Now if you have your house at 80 and you want to get it to 68 the same process happens. Just because you want it to eventually get to 68 it will still cool at the same speed. The unit will not work faster and most people realize once it drops a few degrees, the temperature is comfortable. When you go to set the temperature make sure you keep that in mind and change just a degree or two to see if you are comfortable rather than trying to make a drastic change.
Are there Problems from Having Your Temperature Too Low: If you are one of those people that are constantly changing the setting and trying to cool the home down drastically you are losing the efficiency of the unit. The unit will have to run longer and more often to keep it to that particular degree and that means that it is going to cost more in energy. Also like most things that are over used, it will need to be repaired more often. The AC unit will be running more than the average and that will cause more wear and tear on the unit. The unit will tend to give out and need to be replaced sooner if it is overused as well. A new unit is a large cost so taking care of the one you have is your best bet.

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