What are Typical Problems for a Heat Pump in Summerlin, NV? Will Not Kick On & More

When your heating pump suddenly develops a problem, it can be a bit frustrating. Above all, you are left with a very cold home. A heating pump is a fairly reliable heating system. However, the most common problems a heating pump will develop are:
• Heating Pump Won’t Turn On
• Heating Pump Runs Constantly
• Heating Pump Not Effectively Warming the Home
Today, Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning would like to focus on these common heating pump problems. We will cover what can cause these common problems as well as their solutions.

Heat Pump Will Not Kick On

One of the more common problems for a heating pump to develop is failing to start up or turn on. Before calling an HVAC service, check your thermostat setting just to rule out the simpler cause. Sometimes the thermostat’s setting is set to the wrong time and or temperature. The next problem to check is the breakers. If the heating pumping is not receiving power, it will not start. Sometimes the breaker may have tripped, so it is worth checking the breakers just to rule out another simple and common problem. However, if it is not the thermostat or a tripped breaker, you may have a more serious problem. If the heating pump is not turning on, you may have a broken start capacitor. If the heating pump is trying to turn on but fails, you may hear a faint clicking noise. If you do hear the clicking noise, most likely the starter capacitor will need to be replaced. Lastly, if the reversing valve is broken, the heating pump will not start. An HVAC technician will need to check to see if the reversing valve needs to be replaced.

Heat Pump Runs Continuously

If your heating pump is running and not turning off, often there are three major reasons for this problem, the first being the thermostat. Again you may have the wrong settings set on your thermostat. However, the thermostat may also have a calibration failure where it cannot properly read the indoor temperature. This will require the thermostat to be replaced. Another issue may be as simple as unusually cold weather. A heating pump is designed to warm more gradually than a furnace. This design can sometimes force the heating pump to run constantly to maintain the indoor temperature on really cold days. The last problem that can cause the heating pumping to run constantly, is when the compressor contractors fail. The contractor provides the flow of power to the heating pump. If it gets stuck open, it will provide a constant flow of power and the heating pump will not turn off. The compressor contractor will need to be replaced.

Heat Pump Not Heating House Enough

Sometimes your heating pump may fail to produce enough heat to make the home comfortable. When the heating pump loses heating efficiency, first check your air filters and see if they need to be changed. Next check the actual heating pump unit outside. Make sure there isn’t any debris or vegetation reducing the air flow. Clear away anything around the unit to ensure proper air flow. Another reason why the heating pump may not be making enough heat, may because of low refrigerant. Yes, low refrigerant! The heating will struggle to bring enough heat into the home without the proper level of refrigerant. If the refrigerant has a leak, the leak will need to be repaired and the unit recharged.

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If your heating pump develops any of these problems and you need help, Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning provides heat pump services and more!