What are Typical Problems for a Heat Pump in Rhodes Ranch, NV? Not Producing Warm Air & More

There are several types of heating and cooling systems in our homes and other buildings we use to maintain and control the indoor temperature. One of these system is a heat pump which cools and heats up the home. This is a single unit with two jobs as the heat pump will both cool and heat up your home. Therefore, it is running all year long. Since the unit never gets a season off, you will want to watch your heat pump closely and if a problem develops, quickly have your heat pump repaired. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share some common problems that can develop with a heat pump to help you detect early problems.

Heat Pump Does Not Start

When a heat pump fails to start up or run, it may be due to a power issue or a thermostat malfunction. When the heat pump doesn’t start, first check the thermostat and its settings. If it looks like it is functioning properly then the heat pump may not be receiving power. Check to see if the circuit need to be reset or the fuse replaced. When replacing a fuse remember to turn off the power switch to the heat pump as a safety precaution. If your heat pump still will not turn on, there may be a bigger problem. At this point you will want to seek out professional assistance.

Heat Pump Not Producing Warm or Cool Air

When you notice your heat pump isn’t producing enough warm or cool air, there are a few areas you will want to check. First make sure your air filters are clean and all of the air vents are open. If you have a dirty air filter or closed vent, it will restrict the air flow which controls the temperature of your home. Another reason why the heat pump may not be maintaining a comfortable temperature is a dirty coil and or fan. Check the fan and coil. If they are covered in dust and grime, you will need to have them cleaned. Lastly, in some cases the heat pump’s auxiliary heating element may need to be replaced. If you cannot determine why your heat pump is not maintaining a comfortable temperature, contact a professional.

Heat Pump is Short Cycling

If your heat pump is starting up and quickly switches off, this behavior is known as short cycling. Short cycling can be the result of an improperly calibrated thermostat, an air flow restriction, defective fan or faulty valves. Trying to troubleshoot why the heat pump is short cycling can be a bit overwhelming. As the homeowner you can simply double check your air filters, and the thermostat. If the short cycling problem continues, you may have a mechanical problem. In that case, seek professional repairs.

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These are a few of the common problems a heat pump can develop. As a homeowner be sure to monitor your heat pump and when a problem develops, quickly seek professional repairs. If you need heating and cooling repair services and more, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.