What are the OSHA Regulations for Temperature in Your Silverado Ranch, NV Office Workplace?

There are many different things that happen each and every day at work. When things are going well it is such a relief both to the employees and the owners. Unfortunately things are not always going smoothly at work. There are many different reasons that it can be a struggle to have things run as they should in the office. Some problems in the workplace are hard to fix but others are fairly simple. One common complaint among employees is the temperature inside the workplace. Today Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is going to take a look at why it is important to keep the temperature in your office under control.

OSHA Temperature Working Conditions

It doesn’t seem to matter where you work or what the temperature in the office actually is, someone will always complain about it. This is part of what makes it so hard to address complaints about the temperature in the workplace! On any given day you may have one employee complain about being hot and another one say they are freezing. Is there a temperature that you are required to keep your business at for the comfort of your employees? No there is not. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends that you keep your office building between 68 and 76 degrees. Studies have shown that 71.6 is the ideal office temperature.

Optimum Temperature for Productivity in an Office

You may find that even if you keep your office between these temperatures that you still have employees complain about being too hot or too cold. We suggest you encourage those employees to bring a blanket, heater, or fan to help keep themselves more comfortable.Keeping your office at an ideal temperature is important for many different reasons. Studies have repeatedly shown that employees work better if the temperature in the office is comfortable. Another reason is that employees are happier when the temperature is comfortable to them. Happier employees work harder and are more loyal than employees that are unhappy with their job.

Benefits of Keeping Office Air Conditioning at a Comfortable Temperature

There are also some health benefits to keeping the temperature of your office at a comfortable temperature. If your employees are forced to work in settings that are too hot or too cold they could suffer from various illness. Dehydration, fainting, heat stroke, exhaustion, and more are all examples of possible health issues your employees could experience if the temperature of your office is not comfortable. These may seem rather extreme but there are people each and every year that have these health issues every year due to their workplace climate.

Office Temperature Too Cold or Hot

Many employers state they keep their office outside of the recommended temperature to save money on monthly utility bills. Studies have shown that this is not an effective way to save money. In fact the money that you might have saved is lost due to low productivity. When your employees are comfortable they work harder and end up making you the money that you could have saved on utility bills because they are more effective in their tasks.

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As you keep your thermostat set on a comfortable temperature you should notice the positive benefits we mentioned above. If your air conditioning unit needs some maintenance or repairs so that you can keep your unit running well give Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning a call!