What are Normal AC Sounds in Centennial Hills, NV? Hum from Compressor, Fan Blowing & More

A common topic about air conditioners that is frequently brought up is the unusual noises that indicates something wrong. The sounds that are normally made when the AC is operating is rarely touched on. Knowing the noises, you expect to hear is good, as it helps you better identify the unusual sounds you should not hear. The normal sounds you should hear is what we at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to list below.

Movement of Water

From the inside components of the AC, you will often hear water activities. You will notice water dripping from it if you’ve ever watched a window AC at work from the outside. Although the moisture isn’t dripping into your house but exiting to the outside through a drainage system, the condensate moisture is what you hear from your central air conditioner. The drainage system removing the moisture that collects along the evaporator coil is what you hear coming from the AC.

Hum from Compressor

The most important noise you’ll hear from an air conditioner is the hum. The hum indicates that the air conditioner is performing its job since the hum comes from the compressor in the condenser cabinet starting up. Signaled with the light hum is the start of the air conditioner’s cooling cycle. When the AC has received a signal from the thermostat that the interior of the house requires cooling, the compressor’s motor starts so it can put the liquid refrigerant under pressure and change it to a hot gas so it will circulate to carry out heat exchange. After the compressor turns on, you can expect to feel cool air coming from the system. If you don’t hear it, the compressor may be malfunctioning.

AC Fan Blowing

When you hear the main sound, the blower fan pushing air through the AC and then into the ductwork and you will hear your air conditioner make from the inside of the house. A gentle and steady sound of the fan is one sound that will turn into the white noise of the summer season.

Soft Clicking

As the air conditioning system finishes its cooling cycle, you will hear several clicking sounds coming from it. The clicking is a standard sound of machinery stopping, such as the compressor and motors. Keep in mind however, that trouble can be indicated with failing capacitors or loose parts and other clicking sounds. As you listen to your AC as it cycles down, you will become accustomed to what “normal” clicking sounds like.

Rattling in Air Ducts

The ductwork exiting from the central HVAC cabinet is made from metal, and usually, the rest of the ductwork may be constructed of flexible plastic or duct board. Because metal changes shape as it’s heated and cooled, the metal may make a rattling noise when the air conditioner turns on. Rattling noises should not be continuous, if it is, there is likely loose duct work.

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