What are Common Problems with Air Conditioners in Winchester, NV? Noisy AC, Frozen Coils & More

Anytime you have a central air conditioning system that seems to not work as well as you think it should, you should act on it. Most of the time, if something seems off, it more than likely is. Problems don’t usually go away without taking some sort of action. When you are facing AC problems, there are some that mean more serious problems than others. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to talk about AC problems that you shouldn’t ignore.

What Happens if AC Problems are Ignored?

When you have an AC problem that you are ignoring, you are taking a gamble. As mentioned above, usually problems with your AC are only going to get worse, not better. When you ignore AC problems, you are putting yourself at risk of a complete breakdown and premature replacement. Let’s delve into AC warning signs that you should never ignore.

Noisy Air Conditioner

There is a certain amount of noise when your AC turns on that is completely normal. With so many working parts, there is always going to be some noise. However, when you notice that there are loud, or unusual noises all of a sudden, you shouldn’t ignore it. This can be a big sign that something isn’t right. Some of the sounds that you should be looking for include:
– Screeching
– Grinding
– Banging
– Hissing
– & More

Frozen AC Coils

The last thing you want to do when you inspect your outside unit is to find that the coils are covered in ice. Anytime you see ice on your system, it is a sure sign that something is wrong. You need to take action and have the professionals come out and check things out before turning on your unit to resume cooling. Leaving ice on there and continuing to have the air turned on can cause damage to the unit.

AC Units that Make Electric Bill Go Up

The summer months are usually the months that you will use the most energy out of the entire year. It is no secret that your AC system requires a significant amount of energy to operate. However, you should be comparing your bill this year to the bill last year on the same month to see if you are paying more than you did a year ago. If you see that there is a significant increase in your bill, you could have AC problems that should be dealt with.

AC has a Weird Smell

You shouldn’t smell anything amiss when you turn on your AC to cool your home. When you smell a foul odor after turning on your unit, it is indicative of an issue that needs repaired. If you smell something burning, you should definitely turn it off and call a professional.

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