What are Common Problems with Air Conditioners in North Las Vegas, NV? Bad AC Run Capacitor & More

In Las Vegas, summers can be brutal. Most of the time you want to stay indoors where it is nice and cool which means you have your A/C going all the time. When you have your air conditioning running so much, there could be problems that occur. Let Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning help you understand what some of these common problems are.

What Happens when an AC Run Capacitor Goes Bad?

A run capacitor sends a boost of power to the motor that helps the motor start the fan when your A/C kicks on. The capacitor then helps keep it running. A common problem with your A/C is when the capacitor fails. Some signs you might see when it fails is that your air conditioner won’t start up or turns off all of the sudden. The capacitor might start to smoke or it can leak. It could also be making a humming noise or not blow cold. If you are having any of these problems call a professional and they can come and check to see if it is the capacitor.

Clogged Air Filters

Having dirty air filters can be a frequent problem people have when their A/C isn’t working. By not changing your air filters regularly they can get very dirty. If they are too dirty then the air can’t flow through like it is supposed to. Causing your air conditioner to blow warm air out, short cycling, and allergen build up. By changing your filters regularly you can keep your home cleaner and your air conditioner running smoothly.

Dirty AC Coils

Having dirty AC coils can happen more than you know. The AC coils can become dirty from dust and dirt from the outside getting inside the coils through your outside air conditioner unit. When it becomes too coated with dirt then it stops making cold air. When this happens then you will need to get a professional to come to get them cleaned. Try to keep the area around your outside unit as clean as possible.

Blocked AC Drain Line

Your air conditioner drain line can get clogged over time by muck and algae building up in the pipe and drain. This can be a common problem people have with an air conditioner. It happens because there is condensation running through the drain line and that can cause the buildup. If you have the tools you can clean it yourself, but a professional is happy to come and take a look for you.

Why Do AC Motors Fail?

A motor failure could be caused by many reasons. If you are noticing that your ac unit is running but there isn’t much air coming out of the vents. Or the blades are moving slowly, or the fan keeps running even when the a/c is turned off. These could all be signs of a motor problem. Check the filters, see if you tripped the breaker, and check to see if there is something stuck inside the blades. Now if you have checked all of those things, then it could be a capacitor issue. If that is the case then you need to call a professional to come and take a look at your air conditioner.

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