Weak Air Flow Air Conditioning Problems? Change Filters, Open Vents & Call Air Supply to Repair & Replace Faulty or Worn Parts & Equipment!

Having an air conditioning unit and furnace that blow the desired temperature into your home is a great comfort and makes life much more enjoyable while you are in your home. Whether it is a hot day and you need a cool retreat from the heat or it is a cool night and you need some warmth pumped into your home, a reliable air conditioning unit and furnace will make your home a place to relax. One of the biggest complaints that home owners have when it comes to their air conditioning unit or furnace is that they are not receiving the amount of desired air flow from the vents in their home.

Change the Air Filter in your House Regularly

Adequate air flow is necessary for your home to reach the desired temperatures you set on your thermostat without burning out your system. One of the biggest problems that affect the air flow into your home is the air filter. It is important to change your air filters on a regular basis so air can flow freely into your home. A dirty air filter can significantly impact the amount of air flow that is coming out of the vents into your home. Some homeowners are not even aware that there is an air filter and that it needs to be replaced regularly.

One Room in House is Colder or Warmer than the Rest

Another common reason that home owners start to think they are not getting enough air flow into their home is when one room seems warmer or cooler than the others. Every homeowner should be familiar with the air vents that are in their home and if air flow seems to be a problem, make sure that every vent in every room is open. If there is a room that is rarely used or occupied and the vents in that room are closed, it will not receive the same amount of air flow that the rest of the house is getting.

Causes of Weak A/C Air Flow

Poor air flow can also be a result of a faulty blower motor, loose fan belt, a fan belt that has been worn through, incorrect pulley sizes, frozen coils, problem with the fan speed setting, wrong sized ductwork, dirty coils or debris that is obstructing the air to flow properly. Inspect your air filter to make sure that it is clean, change your air filter regularly. Go room to room to make sure your vents are opened, so each room can receive the desired air flow.

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If these simple steps do not improve the air flow of your systems, it is time to contact an HVAC professional. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will assist you in getting the desired air flow into your home and make sure you and your family are comfortable all year long.