Ways to Keep the Cool Air In & the Hot Air Out of Your Las Vegas, NV Home This Summer; Close Blinds, Seal Leaks & Have Ducts Inspected!

When the weather outside starts to heat up most people turn on the AC unit and start cooling their home down. We have become accustomed to living with the temperature in our homes at a very comfortable level. This is great when the AC is working efficiently and your home is staying at the level you want. When the unit stops working it can lead to your home feeling uncomfortable and the cost to run the unit can go way up. There are ways to be sure that the air you are paying to cool stays where you want it. There are several areas of your home that this cooled down air can leak out and in turn cost you wasted money!

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning lists ways that you can seal your home and stop cool air leaks in your residence.

Close the Blinds: This may seem like a silly request but you want to be sure that when the sun is out the blinds are closed. The sun that is filtered through the window and the gaps in the blinds can cause the area that is being hit by the sun to heat up. This heat can then dissipate through the house causing the temperature to go up and the AC will need to run more often.
Seal Up Gaps: This is a huge way that cooled air is getting outside of your home. The air can slip through the smallest of gaps and that means that if you have space between doors and windows you could be losing good cooled air. Check around your home at every window and door that opens for good condition weather stripping. The weather stripping should have no gaps and should not be cracked or look dried out. If it is, you want to have it replaced or do it yourself by visiting your local home improvement store.
Use A Programmable Digital Thermostat: You want to make sure that you are utilizing your AC unit when you are home and saving on cooled air and energy when you are not home. You can use the settings on a digital thermostat to have the thermostat go up and down at different times of the day. This can save energy and keep the house cooled when it is necessary.
Have Your Air Ducts Inspected For Leaks: One area that is hidden and can easily be the reason that you are losing air is in the duct system that the air runs through. The air is cooled and sent through the duct work to each room. If there is a gap or a piece of duct work that is not connected, the air can be getting sent in the crawl space or the attic. That area will not help to cool the home and the rooms that you want and in turn it is wasting your money!

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