Ways AC Maintenance Can Help Allergies in Summerlin, NV; Air Duct Cleaning, Air Filter Changes & More

Allergies are a problem for many people. It seems that nearly everyone suffers from some sort of allergies throughout the year. Allergy symptoms include itchy eyes, a scratchy throat and a runny nose. They are similar to the symptoms of a cold but tend to last for more than a few days. The symptoms of allergies can be quite severe and cause people to miss school and work. That is why people will do what they can to prevent allergies or at least lessen their triggers. The triggers are usually dust, pollen and other contaminants that are in the air. You can use allergy medication to treat your symptoms but you can do some things at home to help as well. The allergens are in the air and that means that the HVAC system can act as a catalyst. There are some things that you can do to help lessen the allergens in your home.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Offers Steps to Lessen Allergens in Your House

Change Air Filters: The first stop that you need to make when trying to remove allergens from your house is to look at what is in your filters. The filters for your HVAC unit are at the entrance of the return air. It is often located near the thermostat and will have a vent covering the opening that is larger than the vents for the duct work. Behind the vent is a filter that needs to be changed out often. The reason is because the filter will be chock full of allergens and dust that can become loose and flow right back into the air. Also when the filter is full the air is not able to be cleansed properly and the allergens are not caught. Be sure that you change out the filter often according to the type of filter that you use.
Air Duct Cleaning: The next area that will need your attention happens to be the air ducts. The air ducts are the part of the unit that takes either the cold or heated air and sends it through your house. These metal tubes can become caked full of debris and allergens. The biggest problem is that as the particle’s become loose they will float back into the house and that will act as a trigger for your allergies. You can have your air ducts cleaned to keep a clear path for the air to flow.
Clean the Outside AC Condenser Unit: The unit outside the house can be covered with dust and dirt that can be cleaned. You want to make sure that you call out a professional to service and clean the entire unit. This will help to remove the dirt and debris that may otherwise make its way into the house.

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