Warning Signs You Furnace is Leaking or Going to Explode & Needs Replacement in Mountain’s Edge, NV

The cold weather has started to set in and the change means that most people are ready to start using their heating system. The best way to warm up your house is to switch from your air conditioner and start using the heating system. Some homes have a furnace as a way to keep their family warm. You want to make sure that you have your furnace checked out, inspected and tuned up before you start using it. This is a great way to reduce problems that you might come across during the season. That does not mean that you will not start to see issues as it is being used. The furnace can come to a moment that it will need to be replaced and there are often warning signs. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning outlines how to tell when your furnace needs to be replaced.

Furnace Short Cycling

One of the issues that usually mean your furnace is at the end of it’s life is how often the unit is cycling. The unit should be able to heat the house up and then shut down until it is needed again. That usually means that it is working well but a problem exists when it is short cycling. The term short cycling means that the unit is stuck in a constant on and off routine. It can mean that it is only running for short time and then coming back on again after only a short delay. This is something that will take a lot out of the unit and cause it to wear out quickly. It also is a major sign that the furnace has done all that it can and needs to be replaced. A professional HVAC technician can come out and remove the old furnace and set up and install a new one.

Not Enough Heat from Furnace

Another issue that you may start to see is that the unit is not able to create the heat that you need. The unit should be able to create heat and then send it in the house to warm it up. You can often feel this lovely warm air when you are standing near a vent. When you start to see an issue with the temperature that is coming from the vent it can mean that your furnace is not working properly. The air should be warmed to a proper temperature. If you are noticing that the air is not as warm as it should be it is best to call a professional.

Air Flow Problems

Another problem you want to be cautious of is if the air seems to be restricted. You should notice that the air coming from all the vents is restricted and not just a single one. After you change out the filters you can re-check the restricted air and if it still exists it can be a sign that the furnace needs to be replaced.

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