Value of Furnace Flue Cleaning in Spring Valley, NV & How to Clean the Furnace Chimney Exhaust

During a furnace maintenance, cleaning and air duct cleaning it is common practice for the HVAC technician to check and clean the furnace flue. Most homeowners are aware how important furnace and air duct maintenance and cleaning are but often never considers the furnace flue. The furnace flue needs maintenance and cleaning as well. There is a lot of value when the flue is clean such as it improves heating efficiency and reduces the chances of carbon monoxide. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share why it is important to have the furnace flue cleaned.

Furnace Flues

The furnace flue or also known as a furnace chimney is a four inch pipe that functions as the furnace’s exhaust. Flues are used for both furnaces and boilers. Occasionally the flue connects to a fireplace chimney but not always. Modern furnaces or homes that were built in 2010 or later use a different exhaust system and are far different than standard flues. Therefore, the maintenance differs from standard flues. Traditional flues can be checked by accessing the panel on the flue. If the flue does not have an access point (and some may not) an HVAC technician can create one at the bottom of the flue or where the flue and the furnace connects. It is essential that the access point is resealed to ensure no dangerous emission enters inside the home.

Need for Furnace Flue Cleaning

Flues can develop gas sediments or rust scales that can enter into the furnace which can damage the furnace or cause poor efficiency. The rust or gas sediments can develop due to the combustion within the furnace. The sediment can create small grain like beach sand. If the sediment is left unchecked it can clog the flue and eventually works its way into the inducer motor of the furnace. In extreme cases the sediment can cause the furnace to shut down or malfunction. If it not the sediment or rust that is affecting the flue, then it is critters. Pigeons and rodents can cause the flue to jam by nesting on top or inside the flue in some cases. If the flue becomes clogged the exhaust or emission will be trapped and flow out of the flue and into the home. Emissions caused by the flue can be dangerous and even produce carbon monoxide which is life threatening. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless and colorless gas. Its affects often are minor at first until it progresses to a life threatening stage. In most cases, carbon monoxide will cause headaches and eventually lead to nausea and vomiting. Lastly, monoxide poisoning can cause coma and lead to death.

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To ensure the efficiency of your home’s heating system and the safety of the household, it is important to make sure the flue is checked and cleaned during the fall or winter season. Have your HVAC serviced or tuned up. Make sure to request the flue to be inspected and if needed, cleaned. For all of your HVAC services, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning and schedule our services today.