UV Light Air Purifier Installation in HVAC System to Kill Germs & Bacteria in Air Ducts in Enterprise, NV

Ultraviolet light air purifiers help to improve indoor air quality. However, what does air quality mean to you? Air quality is more than removing dust or odors from the indoor air. There are many different devices or methods to improve the indoor air quality. However, ultraviolet light air purifiers are much different in the sense they also protect you and other household members from germs, pathogens and other air borne bacteria. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will explain how ultraviolet light air purifiers help protect your home and improves your home’s air quality.

UV Air Purifier Kills Germs & Bacteria

Ultraviolet light air purifiers, or also referred to as ultraviolet germicidal light air purifiers, are used in hospitals, general health care faculties, and in laboratories. Ultraviolet light air purifiers are able to kill 99% of germs, bacteria, and pathogens that may be in the air inside the building. This is why they are essential in medical settings and in laboratories. Ultraviolet air purifiers can be used in both large facilities as well as in homes as they are great for their protection qualities. Many ask, “how do these systems work and why don’t natural UV rays kill all germs and bacteria?” There are three major categories of ultraviolet rays: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. The UV-A and UV-B both come from the natural radiation of the sun. However, the UV-C rays are blocked by our planet’s ozone layer. It is the UV-C rays that can kill microbes. The ultraviolet sterilization equipment produces artificial UV-C in short bursts. It is the UV-C rays that kill the germs, viruses, and bacteria that the UV-C rays touch. Essentially, an ultraviolet air purifier uses the UV-C rays within the HVAC system and kills these microbes as the air circulates throughout a building or home. When using ultraviolet light air purifiers, it is often recommended to use HEPA filters which can capture more particles in the air. Combining the ultraviolet light air purifier with the proper air filters, the home will have much cleaner air. Ultraviolet light air purifiers do not capture dust or pollen particles which is why you still want to manage your home’s filters and use quality air filters.

Benefits of Air Purifiers

There are many benefits to any air purification system. Ultraviolet light air purifiers help kill the harmful bacteria, and airborne viruses and germs that can lead to illness. For those with weak immune systems or asthma, ultraviolet air purifiers can even help save lives. Ultraviolet light air purifiers can help protect infants and young children as well as the elderly form harmful microbes. To ensure better health in the home, many homeowners have begun investing in an ultraviolet light air purifier system for their home. Ultraviolet light air purifiers are easy to install and only have minor repairs and maintenance needs. There is no limit as to where ultraviolet light air purifiers can be used. They are widely used in medical facilities, in homes and even in office buildings and other commercial sites.

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