Uneven Cooling or Heat Not Distributing Evenly in Your Enterprise, NV House? How to Balance Air Flow!

Though it isn’t always so, homeowners expect their HVAC systems to deliver consistently even and perfect temperatures year round. Even with the best HVAC system, many notice that the dwelling isn’t evenly heated or cooled. There are several factors that impact the uneven cooling and heating throughout the home. Where some of the issues may take professional services, many of them can be corrected by homeowners. There are additional benefits to taking the steps to improve the even temperatures in addition to being comfortable all year long. At this time, we at Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning would like to share some tips on how you can get your home evenly cooled and heated throughout the year.

How to Evenly Heat Your Home

1) Evaluate the proper volume and type of insulation.
Through the top of your home, you are likely losing heated air throughout the winter and letting hot outside air in during the summer if the attic is not properly insulated. The result of a poorly or improperly insulated attic could be the major temperature difference on various levels of your home. Keep in mind too much can be just as detrimental as not enough, but check the quantity of insulation and ensure you have the right type of insulation for the climate in which you live.
2) Consider adding a Zoning System.
Zoning system, in some cases, significantly improve the uneven heating and cooling temperatures in addition to the existing HVAC system. Though this is more of a long-term project and more of an investment, it is gives you ultimate control and a plethora of other benefits.
3) Leave the HVAC’s fan on.
Thinking that the fan will only run when needed, many people keep their HVAC fan set to “Auto”. On this setting however, the fan only runs when the heating or cooling kicks on. The temperature is more even throughout your home simply by leaving your fan in the “On” position in the effort to help keep cooler and warmer air circulating around your home consistently.
4) Audit for leaks in the air ducts and structure.
In the event the air ducts have holes, poor connections, or other types of leaks, the HVAC system can have experience a variety of problems. One of the obvious issues is the uneven cool or warm temperature felt throughout the home because the system has to compensate the loss of the air and the strain is felt and the addition wear is expedited. The same is said when the air is escaping the gaps around windows, doors, and holes and cracks around the structures. Be sure to install weather stripping around the doors and windows and caulk where it is needed.
5) Clean, open, and clear any obstructions from the registers.
Make certain all the registers throughout the home is blocked by clutter and objects; they should have a couple feet of clearance. Ensure the registers are open, some may not realize they have closed. Now is the time to clean the registers thoroughly, especially if they have a buildup of dust and debris on them and don’t forget they need to be wiped down periodically. Uneven temperatures can be due to the registers are closed or blocked; the cool or heated air is redirected elsewhere.

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If you are experiencing uneven cooling and heating in your Las Vegas, NV or surrounding area home, call in the specialists of Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning and let our professionals assess the problem after you have done your part, and we will present the optimal solution.