Unbearable Las Vegas Summer Weather

The city of Las Vegas is known for many amazing hotels, shows and gaming. Another thing that anyone who has spent a lot of time in Las Vegas in the summer time knows is that the heat can be unbearable. When the Paiute Indians inhabited the Valley they would pack up during the scorching summer months and make their way to Mount Charleston to get some relief. The Las Vegas valley even still today becomes terribly hot and can reach temperatures up to 120 degrees. Many Vegas locals call the nearby mountains a getaway and will spend part of a hot day there.

Dangerous Heat in Las Vegas, Henderson and Summerlin NV

Las Vegas is also known for its 24 hour lifestyle and just to prove this point local golfer Tim Harrington took to the course after the sun went down to hit some golf balls around. The mid-day heat makes things like golf and a run nearly impossible without causing conditions such as heat stroke to set in. If you live in Las Vegas you know that one of the most important appliances that you own is your air conditioning unit. What do you need to know to be sure that your unit is working its very best?

Air Conditioning Filters in Las Vegas:

This is something that many people do on their own but can be part of a regular maintenance through a professional company like Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning. When the technician comes out they can bring in a ladder and remove the old filters and replace them with new ones. The air that is returned in through the filters is circulated back through the unit and into the home. When the filter is clean and replaced on a regular basis the air can filter through more smoothly and will allow the unit to cool the air faster.

Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance:

When you have your unit maintained reagularly it can eliminate any major problems. The technician can also alert you to any repairs that need to be done and can usually take care of them on their regular visit. When you have a relationship with an AC company you can be sure that they will take care of you if something does come up. People who have their unit maintained by a professional is less likely to have their unit run into a major problem without advance notice.