Troubleshooting when Mini Split Will Not Power On, Not Blowing Cold Air & More in Summerlin North, NV

Mini split ductless air conditioning systems are used for heating and cooling in the home. Mini split ductless systems are mostly used in homes with multi-stories, basements, and in room additions. These heating and cooling systems, like any other HVAC system, can develop problems requiring repairs. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share some of the common problems and repairs for mini split ductless systems.

Do Mini Splits Bring in Fresh Air? How Do They Work?

There are many heating and cooling systems used in residential and commercial settings. A mini split ductless system is a small unit that doesn’t use an air duct system to cool the entire home. Instead, a mini split ductless system is designed to heat and cool a room or an area, one at a time. A mini split system is installed on the wall with a portion inside the home and another portion sits outside the home. They don’t bring in fresh air, rather circulate the air like a central AC system. Mini split units will develop problems just like any other HVAC system and can require maintenance and repairs such as the following.

Water Leaking Behind the Air Handler

A mini split ductless air handler is connected to the portion of the unit that is in the wall. The air handler is on the outside of the mounted unit. At times the air handlers may develop leaks. The condensate line is responsible for removing the access water that naturally develops inside the unit. When the water doesn’t drain out properly on through the condensate line, often the water will leak out from the air handler. The condensate line may be clogged or disconnected. Mini split ductless systems, like other HVAC systems, need basic maintenance where the condensate line should be checked and cleaned out to prevent leaks from the air handler.

Broken Air Handler

At times the air handler can break down and require the need to be replaced. One sign of a broken air handler in a mini split ductless system can be the same leaking as that from a clogged condensate line. If the condensate line is not clogged then at times the leaking can be due to a broken air handler. Another common issue that effects the air handler, is when the air handler’s motor fails. If the air handler will not start then usually the motor has failed. Both the motor and the air handler can be replaced as they break down. If the air handler isn’t running or is leaking out water, contact an HVAC service to determine repairs needed.

Refrigerant Leaks

A mini split ductless system can heat and cool a zone in the home. Just like other HVAC systems, the mini split ductless system uses refrigerant to compress and cool the indoor air. At times the refrigerant can develop a leak. In mini split systems, the leaks mostly occur behind the air handler. Refrigerant leaks in a mini split ductless system can be dangerous as the refrigerant can leak indoors. The refrigerant leak is a gas which is toxic if high amounts accumulate inside the home. When the mini split ductless system fails to cool inside the home or blows out warm air, this is a sign of a refrigerant leak. If this is the case, seek out professional repairs immediately.

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