Troubleshooting Weak Air Flow Problems in Summerlin, NV; How to Increase Airflow from Furnace

As fall comes to a close here in the Vegas Valley we will begin to turn on our furnaces for the warmth we seek. Here in the early winter season we may begin to discover a few problems with our furnace. One common problem that occurs is low air flow. When you hear the furnace running but feel very little air flow from the registers you may need to look for the culprit. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share what can cause low air flow and tips to troubleshoot the problem.

HVAC Air Flow Problems

When a furnace is running but the inside of the home is still cold, you may have put your hand over the air register to see if any warm air is blowing out. When the furnace is working properly you can feel warm air blowing through the registers. If there is low air flow then there is a problem. Often low air from the furnace points to three possible culprits such as:

Clogged Air Filter

When the air filters get clogged it can effect many parts of the heating system including the air flow. When the filter gets clogged or filled with dirt it can restrict the air flow that is being pulled from the inside of the home. It is important to change out the air filter every few months to prevent choking out the furnace. A dirty filter doesn’t just cause low air flow, it can also wear down the furnace and lead to many problem with the entire heating and cooling system. If there is low air flow check the air filters first and see if they need to be changed.

Air Duct Leaks or Breaks

Another problem that can cause low air flow is a break or a major leak within the air duct system. Air ducts are the circulatory system for the heating and cooling units. The air ducts are placed in sections that are sealed together so they can more easily snake throughout the house. The joints and seams where each section is sealed can break apart and let all of the heated air outside before it has had a chance to reach the inside of the home. If the air is flowing out of the air ducts, then as a result there will be low air flow. Air ducts should be inspected and repaired if they are found to have a split or break.

Air Handler Not Working

The air handler is another component that can be the cause of low air flow. The air handler contains the blower and motor which pushes the warm air throughout the home. When the air handler breaks down or wears out it doesn’t push the air through the air ducts as strongly or not at all. In order to determine if the air handler has failed, it will require an HVAC technician to come and look at the furnace. If needed, they can replace the air handler.

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