Troubleshooting Weak Air Flow from Vents & How to Increase in Tuscany Village, NV

You want your home to be comfortable when you come home. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but sometimes your HVAC doesn’t allow you to do that. Especially if you have rooms that feel like they’re in two different parts of the world! Do you have rooms in your home that feel cold or hot, while others feel like there’s no airflow at all? What’s happening when you have no air coming out of vents in one room and how can you increase the air flow in the air ducts that are affected?

Reasons for Weak Air Conditioner Air Flow from Ducts

1. Vent is blocked or closed. The most common reason that you are having issues with a room that isn’t feeling the way you’ve set it to work is blocked ducts. Air needs to freely enter and disperse to heat or cool a room. Air enters a room through vents in the ceiling or the baseboards and have a grate or damper that you can close if you want to block air flow. You need to check if these vents are blocked in any way.
2. Damper valve is closed. The damper valve plays a huge role on how effectively your system regulates air flow in your home. They act like the grates on the vents and can direct air flow or stop it all together. If you want more air in a room, you can adjust it. There are some dampers that can be controlled by your thermostat and positioned by the settings you select.
3. Dirty or blocked ducts. Air filters work to keep dust and dirt out of your HVAC system. All filters let some particles through. These particles will stick to the ducts because of the moisture or static pressure that is present. When particles add up, you have air flow problems.
4. Leaky ducts. HVAC systems need to be completely sealed. The only entrances and exits are at the returns and vents throughout your home. When the ducts are damaged in any way, you will have air leaking from them and a loss in air pressure. This makes it harder for air to flow through the system and causes a weaker air flow out of the vents.
5. Flex duct is misshapen. Your HVAC system uses ducts in various shapes, sizes and configurations to move air throughout your home. Most of these ducts are ridged metal, others are flexible so they can bend. These flexible vents are more likely to become damaged and restrict air flow.
6. Restrictive air filters. When air is pulled through the return vent, it passes though a filter to trap particles. Better filters filter more out, but the accumulation of dust and dirt on the filter can lead to a clogged filter that can’t allow air to flow through it. Your HVAC system can’t pump out heat or cold air effectively when there isn’t enough air to heat or cool.

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